Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Response To Anonymous & His OWS Friends

Anonymous (you know who you are), at first I thought you were just some kid having fun with a blog you found. Now, I believe you are one of the OWS protesters which is fine, the American system at work and you should participate, gotta love freedom! Here is where we part ways.

I believe in this system, the United States isn’t perfect, as long as we have imperfect people it never will be. However it is the best country on this planet bar none.

The key public difference between the Tea Party and OWS is the Tea Party had zero instance of violence, contrary to what Nancy Pelosi said as she was crying about how violent she was afraid the Tea Party rallies would become which never happened much to her apparent dismay. The differences philosophically are too great to get into, so I won’t, besides, you clearly wouldn’t understand.

OWS protests have violence, rape and other crime and where is Nancy’s tears? She loudly proclaims her support for the protests though which makes perfect sense. The hypocrisy is apparent to everybody but the media apparently as they refuse to call her out on it. The crimes in OWS camps detract from any valid message any of the OWS sites may claim to have.

I am an immigrant, did I come from a hostile country? No, Norway is considered one of the best places on Earth to live today but I came here in the 60’s when the economy there wasn't so healthy. Norway was dealing with the residual affects of a hostile take over from the Nazis in WWII when we came here. Do you know any history? Do you know why the Nazis took over? Rhetorical question, I know you don't know but then I doubt many people do, history isn’t that important in schools anymore.

My father could hardly speak English when he came here but he worked his ass off to learn and did not want special treatment for his lack of English comprehension. He expected his kids to work their butts off and not expect anything from anybody that they didn’t earn. I didn't get an allowance, my chores were what he expected be done, no questions asked.

I believe in immigration, it’s what made this country great! Yet, I have been called an “anti-immigrant” by people (some of whom are friends) who say anybody who crosses US borders are immigrant’s, this is incorrect. Those of us who came here legally know exactly what it takes and how hard it is to go through the process. What I am is anti “ILLEGAL” immigration and the sheer amount of illegals from many countries not just Mexico flooding into this country is a concern for all, including you if you understood the law. I don’t know why we have immigration laws if our own Government, local and Federal refuses to enforce the law, it confounds me how the law is openly defied.

The OWS protesters have the right to protest but they/you seem to lack the understanding that the form of Government they are wishing for is exactly the opposite of forced fairness. Russia was not into everybody gets a trophy, everybody gets  a diploma, everybody gets a job, no scoring in a soccer match, if you didn’t do as you were told you had a wonderful Gulag to look forward to. Imagine the Russian Olympic teams arrival by the Politburo when they returned after their loss to the US, do you think they got trophies or a pat on the back?

You guys hold up signs saying Communism is the answer with no knowledge of what Communism has done to millions upon millions of people. None of it “fair”. I don’t know what history is taught in schools these days but judging by what I see spouted off by todays youth, nothing is likely the answer.

It’s real easy to demand a job or free higher education, free housing, free health care, free food, free clothing, free RV’s or what have you but what you don’t get is you work for it and it’s never FREE. Somebody is always paying the bill even if you didn’t have to. Do you think the stimulus bill was “Obama money” as people thought in New York as they stood in line for their “free Obama check” back in early 2009? Where do you think this money comes from? His checking account for Pete’s sakes? TAXPAYERS pay for everything in the Government, the Government doesn’t have any money, they have Tax Payer money, get that through your thick skull will you?

When the Government lowers a tax they always say “how are we going to pay for this tax?” The simple answer is they don’t! It wasn’t their money to begin with!! Lower spending you Government dufus’s!

I digress, as usual. The majority of rich folks got that way by working for it, some started at the bottom of a company in the mail room and worked their way up from there. Are there some rich folks who have more than their “fair share” as Obama put it? NO, their money is their money and that means all of it, who is it for you, me or Obama to say who has enough money? Yes there are rich folk who get away with not paying enough, guess what, there are middle class folk and every other type of folk out there who don’t pay their fair share either.

I can guarantee you this, Obama doesn’t feel he has too much money, I don’t hear him offering to reduce his pay. He feels the Government should make sure everything is fair but nowhere in the Constitution does it state everything will be fair, nor should it. The Declaration of Independence, another document you never read, states “Life, Liberty and the PERSUIT OF happiness” not the “RIGHT TO happiness”. You have no right to it, do you comprehend the difference? Do any of you OWS protesters? You have the right to pursue it, you aren’t owed it. This means you may actually have to do something that may seem a lot like work!

People like you, who can’t even write a sentence after going to school for over a decade, expect the same type of job, the same high level of pay that others have worked for and you expect others to foot the bill for how you get it. I see the crime(s) going on at the OWS locations and the video of them trying very hard to get law enforcement to do something violent so they can file law suits. I find it disgusting that the media refuses to report it yet they tried very hard to show the Tea Party rallies in the worst kind of light they could. I’m sick of agenda’s affecting the news reports we get today, left and right. It’s disgusting.

I’ll tell you what OWS Anonymous, I’m going to invoke the form of Government right here that you dream of. Your posts will be allowed for only the time it takes for me to delete them. Since Blogger emails me instantly when a new post comes in I can delete them pretty quickly.

This is all I have to say about the OWS protesters and you, you’ll get no more ink from me.

I have other people who post as Anonymous so I’m not turning that off. There is an option right above “Anonymous” called “Name/URL”. All you need to put is a name, no URL is needed, this way we know who you are.


Sorry about the long drawn out response to the Anonymous self proclaimed OWS protester, it will be my last one I promise.


Anonymous said...
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Erik's RV Blog said...

Now that was fast! Possibly the most complete sentence he ever wrote and it was three words!

Listen Anonymous, there is nothing for you here, after the post today there won't be anything for you to say because it will be instantly deleted.

I have access everywhere, even Russia if I were there so go back to that hole you crawled out of.

Anonymous said...
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Erik's RV Blog said...

I deleted the other 8 comments he made. It's obvious he just wants to force me to turn off Anonymous posting which won't work.

So, if you see some foul language here, don't worry I'll get to it as soon as I can but I am not giving into a spoiled brat who has no off button.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The ows protesters are handeling the crimes internally. If you followed the press you would know this the crimes are being taken care of. We are fighting for our right to the same things you have and don't understand how you could say we don't deserve them. Try seeing it from our view.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Ok, I'll bite. Why do you deserve the same things we have? We worked for them, you expect to be handed them on somebody else's dime.

Go out, get a job and work for things like the rest of us. Not earning enough, then educate yourself so you can get the higher paying job.

In other words, pay your dues and stop expecting everybody else to do the leg work for you.

I'm leaving you and your friends last two posts up, if the guy who can't control himself posts again he'll get his wish and none of you will be able to post anymore.

You'll need to find a different blog to whine at.

Nan said...

Erik, I could not agree with you more! When will they learn that they reap what they sew?

michael ultra said...

Hey buddy. Just a couple of points(for what it is worth). Here in West Texas, we have had a lot of experience with 'illegal aliens'. For many years, I remember low grade housing around the farms for the 'wet-backs'.(I didn't invent the term) Long story short, those people did the harvest work, the roofing, the cement work, etc. I found many of them to be wonderful people.
As far as the anonymous is concerned, he is just showing his stupidity.

Erik's RV Blog said...

I agree, they are very hard workers and many are wonderful people but how hard they work isn't the point.

There is a process to coming to this country and expecting to get a free pass to citizenship simply because they didn't get caught frosts me in a major way.

My family had to go through a lot to immigrate here and being white didn't make it easier. In fact right now being white makes it harder to get through the immigration office but thats a post for another time.

Anonymous said...