Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Repair Center Update

I got a call from the repair center owner this morning to give me an update and to find out if there was anything else I wanted done. I got a quote for changing the genny & engine oil and okayed getting that done and they also have to repair the house battery tray since some how it rusted into a locked position over the summer.

So the items being worked on are the following, top off batteries since I couldn’t get to them. Change engine and genny oil, check power steering and brake fluids to see if they need to be changed, top off if needed. Replace water pump and winterize water system and inspect all tires. I got a quote for new tires since I found out the dealer we bought from left the original inside rear tires installed and they are in horrible shape, the outside rear tires are checking and need replacing as well.

Cost for the 4 rear tires installed and balanced = $1,400.00 on top of the work I’m getting done so that will have to wait until Spring time. I know it needs new shocks as well as possibly the leaf springs checked out but those will have to wait for funds to become available. It doesn’t ride like it needs new shocks or leaf springs, but I know they can only help since I know the previous owner didn’t do squat so the originals are still there.

I’ll update again when I get the rig back this weekend.


Big Matt said...

Well, yer a step ahead of my neighbors they have the pump, but the feed line is still unhooked. The owners unhooked and capped it when the little city water fill the tank bypass had a valve fail and it was super pressurizing their fresh water tank.

Before that they went almost a year without a waterheater till we did that. Including my labor charge, they ended up paying about $562 to have their old corroded out 6 gallon replaced with a brand new 10 gallon unit.

$352 for the new 10 gallon Suburban water heater (pilot model, non-DSI) + face plate, and the rest was shark bites, pex and my labor charge. Wouldn't have needed the pex, but their pipes are polybutylene and the bypass system basically fell apart when I attempted to hook it up to the new heater.

Erik's RV Blog said...


Thankfully when I had to replace the water line elbow by the water heater bypass line I saw exactly how to replace the water heater so when and if it does die, I'll be able to swap it out. Thankfully this rig has a 10 gallon option so it has room for the upgrade when it needs to be done.

Merikay said...

The purchase price is always just the beginning!

Sunny said...

I definitely know about the tire lament. I have almost $1300 in 7 tires... that includes the spare. I was fortunate however in that the previous owners did take very good care of the other stuff. Since the tires I've had no serious problems. Hope your problems soon come to an end. After all, isn't RV'ing supposed to be fun??

Diana said...

Time to start saving!!
Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...

Merikay - You got that right! :)

Sunny - If I could get all 7 tires on my rig for $1,300 I would do it in a heart beat! You're lucky that the previous owners took good care of the rig, the previous owner of ours I'm convinced did the bare essentials, if that.

Diana - Yep, selling another radio soon I hope and a few other items as well. Have to save for the taxes I know we're going to owe, makes no sense but 2 years running, we owed! :(

DeanO said...

RV's - a joy on the road providing memories for a life time and a bind on the pocket-book. Good luck and frugal spending Erik

Homeless Millionaire said...

Good luck with the repairs Erik !

Erik's RV Blog said...

DeanO - The rolling money pit! Hopefully after the tires and shocks and carpet and flooring and oh yeah, the dual pane windows need to be cleaned in-between the panes of glass, it should be all good! *cough* *cough* *cough* :)~

Homeless Millionaire - Thanks! Should hear something by today or tomorrow about how bad my bank account is going to get dinged!

Phyllis said...

Yea, and we THOUGHT RVing would be a cheaper lifestyle. So far, ain't happening.

As Gilda Radnor would say "It's always something".

Erik's RV Blog said...

Phyllis - I hear ya, I have to admit, I brought this upon myself for buying from the dealer we bought from. Lesson learned!