Sunday, November 27, 2011

Carmina Burana ~ O Fortuna

There are some pieces of music that just hit you. Carmina Burana ~ O Fortuna is one of them.

When you have 1,600 watts, Klipsch RF-82 Reference speakers and 2 monster subwoofers you’d think I would include something with bass, so for that I use Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture which will bring the house down. But it does so clearly and while putting a very big grin on your face. You’d swear you were at the concert, when they pound the drum you feel it.



Playing house music on this system will actually cause the neighbors china to rattle. I only use house music to test the subwoofers about once or twice a year though, it’s all I can handle.

This system will be hard to get rid of when we’re ready to full time because I’m not going to build up the system in the coach. I’m plenty happy with the basics in there. I had nothing better to post today and when I ran across the video I figured why not post it? Smile with tongue out

Have a great Sunday everybody.


Big Matt said...

Always loved both of those songs, played and marched both back when I was in High school :).

Erik's RV Blog said...

Imagine them at 124db. ;)~

Donna K said...

Do the neighbors bill you for the chipped china? lol!!

DeanO said...

You have two many toys Erik ツ

Erik's RV Blog said...

Donna K - Nah, nothing broken yet. :)~ Thankfully I tune the system only twice a year.

DeanO - I'm working on reducing but nobody wants to buy! :)

Big Matt said...

I think alot of yer problem is you're in Illinois, which is a rather expensive state to live in to begin with due to taxes, and everyone is being extremely tight with cash.

Basically, the experience I'm getting on Craigslist is, if you aren't practically giving it away, no one's buying.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt - Agreed! 60% higher taxes, the most expensive gas in the country job pay 30% less on average while cost of living is through the roof.

People just ain't buying... :(

Rae said...

Wow!!! That was awesome. Oh how I would love to be there in person to hear AND feel that first one.

Big Matt said...

Yer gas is right on par if not a little cheaper than here in Oregon based on Gasbuddy for Chicago and Kankakee ($3.319 for Rug).

For a while, it was a dual between Oregon and Michigan for who would have the highest unemployment rate in the country.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Unfortunately there are no places at that price in my area. We are at 3.39 and Chicago averages 10 to 20 cents higher at all times.

On average, Chicago is the most or close to the most expensive gas in the country. Sometimes we get lucky and somebody else takes the lead and I feel sorry for them.

Diesel is .70 more than gas which is insane...

As for unemployment, Illinois is doing its very best to get up there, give it time. :(

I'm full of good news ain't I? :)~

Big Matt said...

I see what happened, never open two windows of Gasbuddy, it will confuse itself :).

Chicago is right on par with Portland, price-wise, $3.519.

Kankakee is around $3.319, which is on par with Salem, Oregon.