Saturday, October 15, 2011

RV Park & RV Floor Update

I’ve been reading the blog for the KAN-DO KAMPGROUND and can’t wait to visit them some time. Check out their blog here, trust me you’ll enjoy reading from the perspective of an RV Park owner.

kandoentrance Click the picture to visit their website.

RV Floor Update - The floor has solidified to a point that I put the Hardibacker down and reinstalled the loose tile next to the toilet. I’m going to use liquid nails to keep the Hardibacker in place.

Man that tile is ugly, the fake brass has to go as well. Unfortunately the temperature is only 58f today and not looking to go up the rest of the month so the Allure will have to wait.

I also took a very close look at how (un)level the floor really is. Installing the Allure is going to be interesting for sure.


Ugly toilet tissue holder and towel racks will be tossed in favor of something nicer. The floor feels pretty solid but really, only time is going to tell. I think being patient for once helped. It doesn’t look too bad.


I parked the RV in the abandoned house driveway until our trip Oct 27th.  Ronda’s car isn’t attached anymore of course and the trailer is in our driveway.


That’s it for now, heading to Home Depot to get new towel racks and toilet roll dispenser. Then I’m going to do some maintenance work on the slide and power stairs.


JoJo said...

Nice job on the floor Erik.
Today I went into the RV for the first time and thought how can I sell this? So I am going to plan a trip and see how it goes. I could have went away this coming week but have lots to do around the house. And its still to hot around these parts. Enjoy your trip

Teri said...

I checked out that blog, I love it, she is a good writer. I had considered buying a campground a few years ago, maybe its good that I didn't.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Thanks for the free advertising!! I will use it wisely.