Saturday, October 29, 2011

Geneseo Day 3 – THE BIRDS!!!

Woke up this morning to the sound of Alfred Hitchcock's.. 

THE BIRDS!!!!!!!!!

thebirds  birds2

They’re everywhere! They started in the field to the East of us and migrated over to the trees in the campground. When you play this video turn up the volume so you can hear them. Perfect for later today if they stick around for the trick or treaters! 4:30pm every kid in the campground will be out getting candy and we are well prepared!

Geneseo Day 3 – The Birds!

For the Geneseo campground today is HALLOWEEN!! Well, time to get out and finish decorating, it rained last night so I had to re-pack everything. I forgot my box of scary electronic goodies so I’m a little bummed about that so we’re going to make do with what we do have here. Doesn’t look like many people are decorating their sites, we’ll see how it goes later today.

You may recognize this as the background for my blog. Veeery scary! Smile with tongue out


I tried taking a few shots with no flash on the Canon T3i. Our kitchen from the top of the dining room table, it acted like a tripod. I need to learn this camera!


Loki looking indifferent to me trying to take blur free pictures..


That’s it for now, have a great weekend everybody!


Sue and Doug said...

happy halloween!..have fun decorating!!

Big Matt said...

I have a plush ninja cat in my cabover from watching the movie version of that after being a bit too tipsy and trying to do a shatner impression going, "My God, we need- Cats! Ninja Cats!"

Dawn found it funny and later found the plushie and gave to me on Christmas and its ridden in the camper ever since :).

DeanO said...

Those birds are amazing...and great, blur free pictures :)`

TexCyn said...

It looks sooo comfy inside of your RV. Have a fun time while there!

JoJo said...

I was wondering about getting bombed by poop, you really took a chance with it.
Have fun tonight. Yes and your RV looks really nice and cozy.