Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall House Cleaning – Kicked Our Butts!!!!!

Whew, the wife and I just completed deep cleaning the first floor today top to bottom at 10:30am. We started early yesterday! Surprised smile  We had the wife's family over for her birthday today after we all went to Nick’s Pizza and enjoyed yapping, messing with the nieces and nephews and then eating birthday cake!

These pictures will show the sheer amount of “stuff” we have that we are hoping to reduce. I’m amazed at how small the rooms look in these pictures!


Our living room is only 15x15 so not exactly huge, plus we don’t have a family room so you can see we have packed in a lot of stuff!

I will say however that our surround sound system will blow away the sound systems in most theaters. This system is capable of 125db (there is over 1600 watts in this system), U-571 during the depth charge scene will alter your heart beat and vision, no kidding it’s that intense. Can you see the hidden 80lb monster Klipsch center channel? Smile with tongue out  If we ever do full time RV this is one thing I will miss for sure but believe it or not, it would be worth it, I don’t even need surround sound in the RV, how shocking is that ‘eh? I have made progress over the years!


Our foyer has a monster treadmill that takes up a lot of space! This will be put on eBay and Cragslist very soon. Awesome coat rack though. Disappointed smile The carpet right in front of the treadmill was disgustingly dirty, on top of that our new Bissell x2 Proheat kicked the bucket so I ended up doing a good portion of it by hand, not fun. It’s still some what dirty as you can see in this pic so I have a few more passes to make to get it to where I’m happy. I may remove the carpet and install Allure flooring this winter, we’ll see.


Here is a shot of our dining room, clearly we don’t have enough stuff! We are selling the Victrola and pump Organ but haven’t had any luck so if you know somebody who would like these items let me know!


We had this cabinet made by an Amish man, I don’t know what we’ll do with this, we had it made so we could hand it down to our kids, so we have some thinking to do on this one. Our nieces and nephews would love to own it someday I’m sure so we’ll hang onto it until one of them are ready. I’ll probably hold onto a few radios as well.


We are recuperating tonight watching the Bears beat Tampa and then it’s off to Geneseo this Thursday!

Have a great week everybody!


Anonymous said...

Wow you have a lot of cool things. I enjoy antiques also but I would definitely be missing when it came time to dust :) Have fun camping we are done for this year but can't wait for next spring!


Sue and Doug said...

amazing how much stuff one can accumulate over the years!! have some nice antiques!!!..good luck with selling them...there is a buyer out there!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

You definitely have a lot of "stuff," so did we before we downsized & hit the road. Unfortunately, it's just "stuff" that others don't always want or appreciate. Two years out, we don't miss ANY of our stuff!

Erik's RV Blog said...

Thanks folks, it's amazing how important each item seemed to be at the time we bought them. I look back now and realize we were foolish and we can't wait to rid ourselves of most of it.

We bought into the materialistic lifestyle for a long time. We hope we figured it out in time to prepare for the future properly. We'll see.

dAwN said...

Ten Years ago my husband and I went full time~ We sold our home and a few belongings..the bulk of the furniture is being used by family. We stored boxes of *stuff* at my sisters.

Now when I look back..If I could do it over..I would have sold all the furniture. I know that if we do buy a fixed foundation I will start fresh.

Went thru the stored stuff last summer and donated half of it to Goodwill.

Its hard to let go of the stuff..but you realize when living in a small space..that the stuff doesnt matter. words of advice to you...If no one wants the furniture..sell it...sell most of everything and put the money away for your someday home.

Here is a link to the inside of our Homey

Erik's RV Blog said...


I have been trying to sell furniture, nobody is buying. :(

I'll keep trying though, sooner or later it's gotta sell, it's good stuff!

TexCyn said...

Big job you have there. I have a storage container full of items. I need to go down & clear some of it out. But I'm not ready to let go of everything. Will let go of some of the furniture though. When the day comes that I feel like going back down that is...

Big Matt said...

Dang and I was feeling winded after doing a little yard work on the recovery end of a cold! :p.