Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bathroom Repairs Have Begun

I was unable to have the RV tech come over because of an out of town visitor so I decided to lay down the auto leveling wood filler myself because the weather was perfect for it. I spent about 30 minutes removing chunks of rotted flooring and vacuumed until I felt it was clean enough to begin.

Working with this stuff is nothing like spackle, it’s a pain in the rear but I finally got it down. I actually removed a small layer in front of the toilet because when I went back in there and laid down and saw a high spot. The stuff had started to set so after some decent amount of swearing I finished it. We’ll see how it looks tomorrow night, hopefully it’s fully cured and then I’ll let it go one more night for good measure.

Then, if I can stand on it without cracking anything I’ll use the hardibacker first and see if that works because I can layer this stuff up more than I can adjust for the thickness of the Birch plywood I bought.

Stay tuned!!!  Smile with tongue out





JoJo said...

Hope all goes well when it dries.

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Looking forward to the finishing touches!

Sue and Doug said...

one step onto the next!!..soon this repair will be but a distant memory!!

TexCyn said...

Good luck with the project! Looks like you've got a good handle on it though.

Merikay said...

Glad your able to get to work on it.

Kevin and Ruth said...

Looks like the repairs are going well. Kevin pulled up the carpet in our bathroom (yes carpet in the bathroom, not sure who's idea that was!) back in August and put now a fake wood floor looks so much better. Hope it goes as planned for you.

Kevin and Ruth

Phyllis said...

Always a project and aggravation with the project - isn't there?

Seems like it never ends.