Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bad Back Comment Responses

Teri – We have tried every kind of mattress, laying flat is what does me in. I do a lot of walking which of course does nothing for my back, well except make it sore sometimes. I agree, I do need to do some exercise for my back, the biggest thing I can do is lose another 50lbs, I know that would make a huge difference.

Judy and Emma -  No need to be sorry, I’ve been saying that for years! Smile with tongue out 

Donna aka Froggi – My wife sleep’s best on a mattress, made of stone if she had her way. We found an RV (Class A) earlier this year that had such a large bedroom it had a queen bed plus room for a large recliner. We wanted to try and buy it but financials weren’t ready for it but it sure showed us that rigs are out there that can accommodate us, if we ever save enough money.

I am thinking of looking for a wall away recliner that can replace the one we have now and hopefully it isn’t much wider. We’ll see what I can dig up. We have given a lot of thought to removing the couch and putting in two recliners simply for the comfort but you’re right, maybe she’ll give sleeping there once in awhile a go as well.

Merikay – Agreed, I do however have a very strong back and mid-section. In my glory days I could dead lift up to 700lbs. I still can lift more than most 2 guys, my problem now is muscle inflammation on top of the rheumatoid arthritis. I think I keep Aleve in business! I hope your mattress works out ok for you.

Big Matt – That’s the EXACT bed I was talking about. You know how much those suckers cost? Surprised smile If I could afford one it would be in my house right now. Of course, if it was that important to me I should have done it right but for some reason other things always seemed more important.

Sue and Doug – Agreed, hopefully I can find one that will fit in an RV and doesn’t weigh too much, that would be the ideal fix I think.

Anonymous – It may be over-rated for you which is fine, but it’s not over-rated for my wife and I and we would like to be there and do that someday. Are you the same Anonymous who said he/she would never come back to read this blog? Doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t, just wondering is all.


Big Matt said...

Yeah, they're mighty pricey, I thought at one time there was some insurance purchase program you could go through to get one at a discounted rate if you had medical reason for owning one, I could be mistaken.

Michelle said...

We found a great memory foam mattress for our RV at K-mart. It was around $140. It was ao great we got one for our house. All you have to do is put it on top of your mattress you already have. We also found flooring at home depot that looks like hard wood with out the wieght. It looked so good I had to post it on my blog.