Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elusive Alpha’s Spotted!!

I have spotted two of the rare “Alpha’s” in the wild that I captured on digital cam. One was last year at Sugar Shores and one this year at Geneseo. These elusive beasts aren’t spotted as often as say a Holiday Rambler so when you see one you take notice! Merikay and Craig bought a very rare beast indeed!

                  Alpha spotted 8/26/10 at Sugar Shores RV Resort



Alpha from California spotted coming into the Geneseo campground on 9/4/11. This elusive monster wasn’t found again, maybe it was an apparition? Who knows but we’ll be keeping an eye out for the elusive “Alpha” in future travels and will report them as we find them. Smile with tongue out



Nan said...

I had never heard of an Alpha until Merikay posted about hers. I love the white.

Merikay said...

Made me smile! I hope we meet up some day and you can add a picture of ours to the collection! I had seen a couple on the road before we were introduced to this one.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Nan - Alpha isn't in business anymore which is unfortunate because they made nice rigs and it's great to see Alpha See Ya on the back!

Merikay - I knew you would like it. :)~
I like Alpha's and when I see one I try to snap a pic.

I priced removing one small tree in my back yard, after that shock I did it myself. My back took awhile to recover but I saved $500.00!

Safe travels!