Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back To Blogging About RV’ing…. :)~

I met with the tech and we went to the RV to check out our options. We discovered we could not remove the ceramic tile in the bathroom because the shower and cabinets unfortunately reside on top of the tiles. I decided to go with Allure flooring for both the toilet room and the bathroom. It’s a floating near 100% water proof flooring that we are going to put directly over the ceramic tiles.

Because the Allure is thin enough it won’t raise the level of the floor very much, we also picked up fake wood cord around. We are going to silicone the cord around so in the event of water spills it won’t easily get under the flooring. I picked an oak color to try and make it blend in with the honey oak cabinets and I think it will turn out nicely.

The more expensive option would be to have him dremel the tiles away or remove the cabinets and shower etc.. but our budget just can’t handle that right now.

I bought 2 boxes of matched lot #’s Allure oak flooring (feels like some kind of vinyl). It’s called Traffic Master and it has a 25 year warranty. The color here looks much lighter than the actual product. 



For the toilet room I bought a riser box that will raise the toilet almost 3 inches higher making it a little easier to get off the thing. We are going to leave the ceramic tile on the floor in the toilet room as well. The ceramic tiles I have pulled up are the loose ones so I’m going to cut hardibacker to fill in since it’s the same thickness and we bought a product that we will use to fill in the grout lines so the Allure lays flat. Also we are going to use a product that will fill in the low spot in the floor so the hardibacker will sit flat.

Our target date for doing the project is 2 weeks, October 8th. I’ll take a ton of pictures and of course post them here.

Have a great Sunday everybody!


Sue and Doug said...

is the floor underneath the tile okay?..I remember reading that you said it was 'soft'??

Erik's RV Blog said...

The soft part is about 8 inches around and we are going to put something down that will harden it.

After that we are going to even it out so it isn't a low point and then we are putting hardibacker over it which is a very dense board will will make it as solid as it can be.

Removing all of the ceramic has been made damn near impossible because of how they build the rig. :(

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Will look forward to the pics.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Me too! :)~ I'm chomping at the bit!

Jammin' Along said...

Erik just a little fyi...make sure the floor is fairly smooth. We just laid Allure in our kitchen/dining room and because the sub-floor was compromised we had to rip it out. The budget (the bank ~ FIL) didn't allow us to replace the sub-floor so unfortunately it shows bumps and marks. At least I got all the staples and screws pulled so that helped. Also, it does scratch easy. Yep! I've already put a mark from the dining room chair. Grr!!

As for install...piece of cake! Looking forward to the pics! Cheers! ~M

Merikay said...

Sounds like you have help with this. I'm glad you are able to get it fixed. I assume that since you didn't mention it, there was no new mold growth. That is great!

Every RV has some sort of problems. You just got a few very unusual ones!

Hope you get it all done and can take a little trip before it's time to store it for the winter.

Diana said...

It sounds like a plan Erik. I look forward to the before and afters. Smart man with the toilet. If ya ever get your knees done, it will help!!
Love Di ♥

michael ultra said...

Good luck buddy! After a job like this, you might need your knees done. Be sure to get knee-pads.

Anonymous said...

The flooring choice looks nice. Hope it works out well. We considered changing our carpet with a vinyl type tile but decided to spend the money on other repairs instead. By the way I'm a different Anonymous than the one discussed in your previous post. I may be a happy camper but not with our politicians!
Bruce (& Val)

JoJo said...

I know you will do a great job can't wait to see the pictures.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Jammin - We are lucky in that the ceramic tile is fairly flat and level. All I have to do is fill in the grout lines to make it completely flat and we should be good to go.

I can't imagine having to redo all of the sub-floor considering the space. I think it will turn out well, I have a pro helping me.

Merikay - Thankfully no new gro9wth of any kind, yippie!! Yeah we got some strange ones for sure! My tech friend says he has seen much worse so I feel better. We are taking the rig out this coming weekend, I'm going to do some of the floor prep then.

Diana - The water line may trip up our plans for the riser but we'll see. I hope your recovery is doing well!

Micheal Ultra - I have knee pads, I'm also re-doing a bathroom in our sticks and bricks so I got the best ones I could find! :)

Anonymous Bruce & Val - I don't blame you, so many things come up with these things! If it weren't for the soft spot and the strange mold this would have waited until next Spring. I knew you weren't the other anonymous so no worries. :)~

JoJo - I think it will turn out well also, unfortunately though I know this flooring is a lighter tone than the oak in the kitchen but it will have to do until we can afford the replace the carpet.

Mike and Cindy said...

We replaced our flooring ourselves in our first RV. The original was carpet and we ended up using a wood product in the bedroom and a vinyl 'stick on' product in the bathroom. Actually it turned out nicely. I too had to deal with going around the toilet but managed to remove the bottom 'covering' around the toilet and get the vinyl under it. So all worked well.

As for our insurance ordeal with Progressive, I'm trying to keep our blog up-to-date. Let me just say, so far, so not-so-fast.

Big Matt said...

While it isn't feasible to remove all of the tile (because of the quantity underneath the shower and what not), it still would be possible to remove the majority of it, using a ceramic cut off wheel to cut a line in the tile where it runs near the shower (A small tile step out could be left behind for example) and then remove the rest with a sledge hammer.

Erik's RV Blog said...


We discussed that option but at his hourly rate I am comfortable with putting the allure right on top. The tiles in the bathroom are solid, none are loose so I'm good with it.

The toilet room is going to be time consuming as it is so we're going to either remove all tiles and lay down hardibacker or gon right on top of the tiles, it depends on how the repair to the soft part of the floor goes.

By going on top this is cheap and can be done over very easily since it's a floating Allure floor.

Thanks Matt!