Friday, September 23, 2011

Attack Watch – Just….. WOW…… Political Rant

When was the last time you saw a President set up something to report people “attacking him”. We have a sitting President so scared of people saying something negative about him you can actually report people who do! I mean, really, just wow. You can even report a blogger! This means that at some point this very blog can be reported to Attack Watch! I wonder what would happen then, maybe I get a call from the Secret Service telling me to cease and desist? How funny would that be? If this blog goes silent, you now know how it might happen. Smile with tongue out 

I have been waiting for 2.5 years for President Obama to take responsibility for one single thing. Instead he leads with “I inherited” or “the previous administration”. My father brought me up to be an honest man, a man takes responsibility for his actions, he doesn’t blame others or continue to blame others for his actions so I have no respect for a President that can’t man up and say hey, this is what I have done and I stand by it, right or wrong. You can respect somebody who does that, somebody who doesn’t, deserves being so scared of descent he gets a website created to report people who say bad things about him.

I have kept politics off of my blog for awhile now and I may lose followers because of this but for me to sit here and see a President so whiny about people saying something negative about him that he has to have a site built so people can report it, really says something about how much this man loves himself… disgusting.

President Obama says the negative rhetoric needs to cease yet he uses it in every speech, what does he expect in return when he can’t take his own advice?? Answer, he posts a website to report people, is this China or something? Good Grief man this is pathetic.



2008 gas = $1.68 a gallon, 2011 gas goes over $4.00, we did get change and by 2013 it could easily top $5.00, thanks for the hope and change! Disappointed smile

Illinois in 2011 has 60% higher taxes than in did in 2008, Metra in Chicago is so broke they are raising rates 30%, doing business in Chicago is getting so expensive companies are leaving in droves. My house is worth about what it was worth in 1999 because the Government decided to force banking institutions to give loans to people who can’t afford them and then went after those same banks when millions of people defaulted and are acting shocked that Fanny and Freddy are corrupt beyond comprehension but they are still giving them bailouts!

My head is going to explode from the incompetence that is Washington DC and what really stinks, the problem is BOTH parties and we’re stuck with them because Independents will never get elected because the rules make it nearly impossible. What happens when an honest person runs?? We ignore them because they don’t say what WE want to hear! Ironic isn’t it?

I digress, lets face it, I’ll be working until I’m 75 because the Government robbed Peter to pay Paul and we have to pay for it because Government NEVER takes responsibility, it never balances its checkbook and it always passes the responsibility to pay for their stupidity to us. Bastards.

That’s the end of my political rant, if you’re offended by me expressing my view then ok, we agree to disagree. I’m not one of the openly “tolerant” who are only tolerant of their own views, I am not politically correct, I call it like I see it plain and simple and my view point is that of an immigrant who lives the American dream, LEGALLY.

Nuff said, I’m going back to bed to cough my head off…


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the usual tired old racist rant from a guy who just can't accept that we've got a black President - elected by the people.

Get over it!

p.s. yes, you've lost me as a reader for good too!

Merikay said...

Do you tolerate people who disagree with you?

I don't exactly disagree with you, but I think I see things in a different way.

I too am disappointed in the lack of results and the lack of change. Maybe he was to much of a dreamer and thought just proposing change would make it happen. The party of "no" would rather see our country on it's knees than see the kind of change that was voted for in 2008.

One thing that many do not yet understand is that the entire world is in deep trouble, and one American President cannot change that no mater how much he talks about it.

Greed has brought our world to it's knees before, and will again. Greed inflated our perception of what our homes were worth. We all have to forget those numbers and accept the reality of "fair market value."

A house is only worth what a qualified buyer is willing to pay and an unstressed seller is willing to accept. Banks overqualified too many buyers. Sellers kept increasing the prices because they could.

Right now we are having a big local controversy. Last year a parcel tax was on the ballot to pay for Fire fighting costs. It was not passed. Now the county is saying they have to close our fire stations in the mountains during the winter. (non fire season)

People are screaming no. Nobody wants to pay the taxes, but they want the service. Same thing is happening on the federal level.

We are all in deep doo-doo.

Sue and Doug said...

politcal fodder..blogger fodder...we can all agree to being Canadian our country is in not so great shape too..hang in there...we plan to! for your first commenter?..I don't believe you said anything about race or colour?..or did I miss something??

Jamie said...

I'm sorry that YOU have to be attacked from this post...LOL. Everyone plays the race card..I suspect you would say what you said about a white president, a green one, a purple one...

I'm with you on many levels.

and I agree with Merikay -- we ARE all in deep doo-doo.

Happy Saturday.

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

I agree with a lot of what you said, Erik -- as far as "Anonymous" -- someone always has to play the race card...good riddance. That's why we are enjoying the fulltime lifestyle today. We sold our house in Oct '08 when the bottom was falling out of the market. Did we get as much as we wanted out of our house -- NO! But, we did get rid of it & all the taxes & upkeep that went along with being a home owner. Our realtor told us we could wait and our house would eventually sell, or we could price it where it would sell quickly. We chose the latter and sold it in 3 days! And 2 mos later hubby got laid off & we hit the road with no looking back, no regrets! If you get reported, create another blog under a diff name...LOL!!

Diana said...

Who gives a crap what color the man is! Really! Fact is he hasn't done a damn thing except plant a garden for his family.
The simple fact is that it takes YEARS to undo what a previous administration has messed up.
I don't believe that things can be turned around in a short period. But it would be nice if we could see some EFFORT being made.
So far I haven't seen a thing.
Love Di ♥

Shirley said...

Don't forget that a lot of these problems can also be blamed on the Governor. We have a pretty crooked political system in IL

Ronda said... Anonymous, that is an ignorant comment. I love how people just 'assume' that because someone doesn't like this administration, that it's because the president is of a different race. Maybe...just maybe, it might be because a person doesn't agree with the particular politics of this specific administration. To make the assumption that it's racist is only because you can't come up with an intelligent response (agreeing or disagreeing) so you have to play the race card. Merikay disagreed with Erik and responded intelligently.

President Obama made a lot of promises that he has not kept. He promised change. Well, we have change alright, but it's definitely not for the better. I'm a little more moderate and I kind of went back and forth over my vote. My final decision was against Obama because I didn't feel that he had enough experience to be President of the United States. It had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the color of his skin.

Erik never once mentioned race in his blog. His blog had to do with his frustration of this administration. BOTH parties! Since Obama is the president, that puts him at the top of the ladder to be frustrated about.

So, that being about you actually respond to the blog with something to debate about instead of calling someone you know nothing about a racist?

Jammin' Along said...

Another one here who agree's Anonymous is ignorant! And quite the chicken to not even show their name. How sad! Yep! Good riddance! I have no problem talking with folks who disagree or have different opinions but when they start throwing the race card I have no respect. I didn't read anywhere about our "Black" president. Tisk, tisk!!

As for the mtg meltdown...what a lot of folks don't understand is that all these people who over extended themselves with a stated income mtg took advantage of a situation because they had the "ME, ME, ME" syndrome. Loan Officers/Brokers had to give them the loan because they could NOT discriminate. Legally it's against the law. So because Suzy Homemaker wanted that big two story house with the oversized pool in the upscale neighborhood and the seller knew she'd get the loan, yep you guessed and demand. Prices went up, up, up!

Erik as far as I"m concerned say what you want, it's your blog. If I don't like it I'll say something or leave quietly but regardless I won't hide behind the anonymous card!! Cheers! ~M

Margie and Roger said...

I'm with you Erik. Gotta say that I'm pretty sick and tired of all the politics right now. Our country needs to be turned around now...but our government doesn't seem to care about anyone but themselves. I'd be happy with a little progress in the right direction.