Saturday, September 24, 2011

Attack Watch Comment Response


Anonymous – Please show me where the racism is in my post? I had many issues with Bush (VERY long list by the way!), who if you noticed is white. President Obama is black, really, that’s the very last thing that matters to me (it's not even on the list actually) but to people like you it’s the very first thing you think about and you play it for everything you can’t defend. I suppose I was racist against Bush as well then?

I lost you as a follower? So long then! If race is your only tool to debate with then good riddance, you can go back to Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson who make a living playing the race card, so long.

Merikay – I respect the heck out of you, I welcome disagreement because when two people can disagree and discuss things, answers can be found. If we ever meet I’m going to give you a great big hug. Smile with tongue out

I disagree with Obama’s philosophy in general, if you go back to his interviews prior to 2008 (and many after) he openly talks about forcing coal companies out of business, he openly says the people will have to endure much higher costs under his administration, if that’s his agenda he has succeeded and then some. I respectfully believe that the party of NO is both the Democrats AND the Republicans, if they weren’t we wouldn’t be in this mess. They both play the “NO” game.

My problem is with BOTH parties. Yes the entire world is in trouble but trying to make everybody happy is what got us and them there. Time to stop giving away the house via entitlements me thinks and creating more is not the answer either. Taking from one group to give to another is not what this country is founded on but it’s what Obama bases his Presidency on, which scares the hell out of me.

It’s not the job of the American President to fix anything but what’s going on in the US. I believe we need to stop sending BILLIONS to places like Pakistan, North Korea (end the armistice already!!) and others that just use the money to make the dictators wealthy and the people in their countries poorer. This isn’t Obama’s fault, it’s a problem that we have had since the end of WWII with all administrations so I’m not sure what will ever be done here, if anything.

I agree with you, banks over qualified people for home loans, however Barney Frank is one of the guys who wrote the very legislation forcing the banks to do so. So there is blame to go around, the guys who wrote the legislation aren’t taking responsibility but they sure are forcing the banks to. I don’t support the banks or the bankers but I do hold everybody involved accountable and our representatives are the key to that mess. Wouldn’t it be nice if they apologized for screwing up instead of passing the blame to others, for once?

People want to pay their fair share, President Obama said wouldn’t it be great if a rich guy paid the same taxes as a plumber? What Obama forgets is he pays MORE. For example somebody making 60k a year pays 15% effective Federal tax, the rich guy (not really rich by the way, 200k isn’t rich) pays 28% effective Federal tax so I can lay odds that he wishes he could pay 15%, President Obama is openly lying to the public by playing to the false assumption that the rich don’t pay their fair share, statistics from the Government shows him to be wrong.

As for local taxes, we are going through much of the same thing, I also notice that not one single thing is being done to lower costs, they only seek ways to inflate their budgets, people are screaming because they don’t seek out ways to live within their means, costs go up because of the way the budgets work, they are forced to spend every nickel or lose the difference the next year so every year the budgets go up. We can’t continue to live that way so its time for both local and federal to start looking at the books and doing something about the bloat instead of looking to us every time they over spend because I for one am sick of bailing them out.

President Kennedy inherited what turned into the Bay of Pigs, he could have blamed the previous administration for leaving him a mess to clean up instead he stood in front of the American people and took responsibility. Now, historians can debate who was at fault but my point is made I think. I believe Obama should man up for once and take responsibility for something, anything.

I would love to discuss these things with you Merikay, you’re level headed and I bet a good sight smarter than me so I would need to bone up before it, but I bet it would be fun! Thanks for your response.

Sue and DougNope, you didn’t miss anything, I love Canada. I used to play in hockey tournaments every winter. A beautiful country! I hope to visit again some day.

Jamie – I don’t feel attacked, some people have nothing to fall back on so they use what they’re comfortable with because it’s what they know. It’s sad really and quite pathetic.

Alan and Marilyn – You guys were the smart ones! I could have sold our house for a $120,000.00 profit had we sold back in ‘08! If I get reported I welcome whatever happens and I’ll post about it some how some way.

Ronda -  You know me so well! Open-mouthed smile 

Jammin’ Along – Agreed, unfortunately the “tolerant” among us are only tolerant of people who agree with their views. Those who don’t must be racist. I have friends I don’t agree with politically, we agree to disagree and have interesting debates about it. Which is how it should be, people only tolerant of views similar to their own can stick with Jessie Jackson, he loves people like that and makes a living off of it.

Margie and Roger – Agreed, progress would be nice and keeping a promise would be great as well but agendas are more important it seems party be damned.

I listen to the debates and all I hear is more promises of what they think we want to hear because saying anything else will kill their electability so I understand why they do it. Just once though I wish they would stand up for what they believe and set a precedent that others have to step up to. Maybe then we’ll elect somebody who will do what’s right for our country which may not be exactly what we want to hear.

I brought up Illinois issues because Obama is partly to blame for what mess was left behind here to clean up after, voting “present” instead of yay or nay is not the way to build up experience for being President, it shows no stance on any issue and it makes it impossible to figure out where he stands on anything. 

Thanks for the responses everybody, healthy discussion can only help us move forward. Have a great weekend! Winking smile


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Hey Erik you only drew 10 comments as of this morning, so I guess you did good, 9 were favorable and 1 totally out of line, I stay away from politics personally because it just sets you up. My own feelings in this last election were there must have been two better candidates out of the millions of Americans that had leadership ability and experience, rather than elect someone of any race that nobody heard of two years earlier, unless you were in the market for a NY bridge in Illinois. Enough said. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Sam and Donna - Agreed and I try to stay away from politics on my blog but when I saw the attack watch site I couldn't believe how childish it is, so I had to say something.

Have a great Sunday!