Friday, July 29, 2011

RV Is Ready To Pickup…

Just got the call, the RV is ready to be picked up, unfortunately nobody at the campground is answering their emails or phones. Disappointed smile  Do we just show up in the morning, is it worth it to just go overnight? I suppose probably not since in the morning we’d have to start breaking camp relatively early but this may just be the lazy side of me rearing it’s ugly head.

My lazy side has been winning quite a bit lately, I did get the garage cleaned out but there is more work to be done in it, the spare bathroom upstairs is begging me to complete the job, can’t you hear it?? Damn voice is so loud I can barely type this! I could spend this weekend working on the bathroom, and the basement and the yard and the insert name of my bucket house work list here ________, ugh.

I think I want to go camping, even if it’s just over night, need to call the wife and see what she thinks, nuts, that’s right she is at the doctors office… will try later, wait, she wants to go to the Drive-In… hmmmmm what to do?!?!? Thinking smile

No matter what we decide though the RV needs to be picked up in the morning so I’ll update then. Smile with tongue out


JoJo said...

Go camping your need to do a test run. LOL

Sue and Doug said...

I vote for going for one night..back some hotdogs and marshmallows and go have a great time!!

Diana said...

This sounds to me like a simple case of confusion. Simply toss a coin to help you out of your dilemma!
Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...

JoJo - Agreed!!

Sue and Doug - We left Friday night and are still in the camp ground. I posted about our findings for the slide topper and cyclone vents.

Diana - It was a no contest two headed coin. ;)