Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TV Installed, Air Compressor Fixed & RV Update

What a busy day! I spent a good portion of it at the truck/rv shop and found that my rig has essentially brand new tires up front. Not the best brand mind you but brand new which is great.

The back unfortunately are checking, not that deep mind you but enough to warrant replacement. He gave me a quote, after I recovered from the shock I told him as long as there are no belts separated we’ll have to wait until next month. It drove perfectly today so keeping positive thoughts for tomorrow night.

I fired up the air compressor this morning and it refused to make any more than 75 PSI. When turned off you could hear air bleeding off, not good. I removed the regulator and went to Home Depot this afternoon hoping they might have one in stock. They did! I bought it and installed it and fixed a line leak as well and now it works perfectly up to 150 PSI, great! I can put the compressor in a basement compartment and we can air up any tire going forward.


On to the TV mount install.


 I went to Menard’s & Home Depot and found, absolutely nothing. Only plywood planks and I would need a router to make it look good. Then I remembered a custom furniture place near our home and decided what the heck, what can I lose by going right? They had part of a desk shelf in the back and 25 bucks later, I had a new TV mount!


So, I lined up the old TV frame against this piece of OAK and drilled the holes. Unfortunately it sits a little lower than the TV frame did but I can live with it for now. Also, this board sits about 1.2 inches too wide on each side, but really, for now I’m not going to worry about that. I mounted the TV mount and I can run the wires under the dash when I mount the TV, you can barely see the wires here! The stain is also pretty close to factory, it’s not perfect but it’s pretty close. This is what it will look like while driving down the road.


Here it is installed.

SAM_1930Here is the final look with over the air TV from our house. Not too bad!


Tomorrow I’ll be cleaning the dog house tray and also putting in the lower bolt in the TV mount now that I have it even. I am going to be using different mounting screws for the OAK board so it blends in better than the silver ones in use now. Next project before leaving for Geneseo is cleaning all cabinets to get rid of the mouse poop. My wife removed all linens and anything that can be washed is in the washing machine right now. Next update will be sometime tomorrow afternoon.

1 day, 2 hours, 58 minutes and 40 seconds until we hit the road!! Smile with tongue out


Merikay said...

Have you gotten rid of the mice as well?

Did a nice job of the TV mount.

JoJo said...

TV Mount looks real nice. Hope you have a great trip.

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

You did a great job on the TV mount. Be safe in your travels & have lots of fun!

Sue and Doug said...

the television install looks great!..good job Erik!!

Jeff & Barbie said...

Great lookin' job on the tv mount!

Margie and Roger said...

The TV looks great there! Good job!