Monday, March 28, 2011

The Trip Is On – And Rude Comments

Wait, you didn’t know it might be off did you! While the wife and I did a full sweep Spring cleaning of the first floor on Saturday we realized how badly the entire house needs a real deep cleaning. Plus I have a bathroom that I ripped apart over a year ago that I have to finish.

So, Saturday I ask the boss what she thought of cancelling this trip and doing some serious cleaning around the house. She agreed so we decided Saturday morning that we would drop the trip and wait until warmer weather decided to finally arrive……

WAIT A MINUTE!!! ARE WE INSANE!?!?!? Disappointed smile 


Clearly I might be but my wife? Of…. course…. she …….. isn’t……. ahem… Nyah-Nyah

By Sunday we (meaning I) gained (my) our sanity back, whew! We have been waiting for this camping trip since late September LAST YEAR! Every time last year we had to drop off the rig after we went somewhere to get work completed, not the RV’s fault at all. Finally we have a fully functioning RV, we want to enjoy it first chance we get.

So we are going to go up tonight and pick up the rig, talk the neighbor into moving his kids car lot to the left and then we are going to prepare for our first trip of the year. I still have to mount the TV, I did a trial run yesterday and it worked perfectly so even if I don’t have the mount completed we can still use it as is. I just emailed the CG and asked for a site number and confirmation so we are committed now!

- A commenting side note, I received a few comments the past few nights, no name(s) mentioned, that I deleted because the person(s) decided that they did not like my postings and rudely explained why. I don’t typically delete comments but when they include swearing the comment serves no purpose by being left alone. Be rude all you want, if you don’t swear the comment will be left alone.

I don’t think it should have to be said that this is a blog, my blog. Like TV and Radio channels, nobody is forced to come here to read my ramblings. I have never stated that I will be the most interesting person to read nor will my posts always be RV related or even make sense at times. Thankfully we still have free will, if people don’t like what they read I invite them to delete the link to this blog and their problem is solved. Why some people feel that the creator of a blogs content should have to change to suit one readers needs is beyond me, a rude reader to boot.

Letting anything I write affect you to a point that you feel you need to be rude or in one case an utter a’hole makes no sense to me. I suspect this was one in the same person that has been around before but you never know. It would be great if Blogger logged IP’s but alas they don’t.

Anyway, 99.99% of the people who comment are fantastic people who I hope to meet someday. That one person who has this need to behave like a mental patient with no control over himself Annoyed should at least have the cojones to not be anonymous or at least give a way to get ahold of you so I can at least let you personally know what I think of you. I know we can block anonymous commenters but I have family that sometimes (rarely) comments and I don’t want to force them to create ID’s, heck then they would never comment! Smile with tongue out


Rae said...

Hey don't let an idiot blogger get to you. I deleted six months worth of blogging once trying to escape a mental blogger that was harassing me. I regret it now. He was a fruitcake. I should have just deleted his comments and moved on. You have a great blog. It is yours to write and post whatever you feel like. Glad to hear you and Ronda are still taking the trip. I am anxious to hear how it goes.

Erik's RV Blog said...

You are of course right Rae and I let his multiple comments get a rise out of me. I'll just delete them going forward. Being a guy though you wish you could reach through the screen and wring the scrawny neck of the meathead who hides behind a keyboard.

Testosterone is not always a good thing to have. :)~

Merikay said...

I'm glad it is so easy to remove an unwanted comment.

Stupis is as stupid does.

Donna aka Froggi said...

Just can't fix STUPID!

DeanO said...

Erik - you have a great blog, very enjoyable. Rude comments is part of the game I suppose. There is simply an entire group of people who love to spam blogs with hate and cursing. blog on my friend. All that being said - sometimes accounts get hacked and then Nasty comments are sent out to everyone and everybody. (not the norm) but I'm watching someone on FB whose been hacked and all our pages are getting spammed.

Donna K said...

Well said Erik. It is YOUR blog to say what you want to say. If someone doesn't like it, let them write their own blog. Glad you are going ahead with your trip and I look forward to reading all about it. We will be leaving on ours in one week.

Rick and Paulette said...

Well said on the comments. If folks don't like what I say, I don't mind them expressing their disagreements. I welcome the discussion. But, it has to be done without resorting to obscene language - period!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Glad you are pushing forward with your trip. It's your blog & you have the right to post what you want to!

Judy and Emma said...

Bad language is inappropriate and should be deleted immediately. Blog on with a finger on the delete button for rude people.

Sue and Doug said...

We enjoy your posts and rants depending on your mood..that is life..the reality of it all..and as for your 'rude commenter'..I say 'delete' and move on!!

Diane said...

Hi Erik,
I can really relate. Next month, my blog will be 4 years old and you cannot imagine some of the comments. The first time I received a very politcal one and sat on it. I was VERY TEMPTED to publish and comment but once I calmed down I realized the same as you. It is my blog and mostly a travel blog. So it was deleted. After that, it was very easy to delete. One thing I noticed was that ALL of them were not signed. Had they been signed with an email address I might have emailed that person first.
As Donna said "you can't fix STUPID"

Have a WONDERFUL trip :-).

Margie and Roger said...

Glad you regained your sanity and will hopefully get to make your trip. These darn MH's can be a PITA - when you get ready for a trip something always seems to go wrong i.e. breakdown. Guess it just goes with MH ownership. Your gas mileage sounds good. Good luck with the tire problem.

Yep, delete the idiot comments and just keep writing your blog your way. It is YOUR blog. Someone commented that I was on 'probation' as to whether they would read my blog or not. Oh, wow, my feelings were hurt - NOT.

Doyle and Terri Johnson said...

Keep blogging, my friend, we look forward to your posts and don't want you to be upset by someone who would try to ruin your day.
You have great content and have made us all feel like good friends.
Thank you for sharing your life!

witchywoman said...

I feel your pain...I used to blog on a cooking website, as that is what my blog mainly pertains to...I thought there was a multitude of people who didn't like my RV cooking project, come to find out, it was just a group of 5 women who had no life. You have a very interesting blog and you couldn't have said it more perfectly...they could skip over it if it didn't interest them. I don't understand people like that! Keep blogging, Erik, and I'll keep reading them...thanks!