Friday, March 25, 2011

Short Trip Coming Up – 5 Days To Go

Next Wednesday the 30th I am picking up the RV to get it ready to head out on the 31st to Geneseo, IL. Great right? Well, the weather has taken a turn from getting warmer to getting colder, winter is stubbornly hanging on. Last week was tee shirt weather and it was steadily getting nicer and nicer as the days went by.

This week, back to freezing each night up until the 30th, it’s going to be in the 20’s each and every night. So I can’t pick the rig up and de-winterize it this weekend like I had planned. Disappointed smile Plus the neighbors driveway, (the one where the house is empty and my other neighbor is using it to park all of their cars, how does 3 people need 6 cars?!?!?) is full of cars and I won’t be able to put the RV in that driveway unless the kid comes home and can move them. I haven’t seen him in a week so I think he is off somewhere.

So, the 30th is the day….to…do….everything for the trip. Disappointed smile I called our new RV dealer and asked if I was crazy to de-winterize on the 30th, their response, YES, nuts Crying face. They have a lot of rigs to deliver and they are delivering them winterized, even for the people heading out on the road after the 30th, better safe than sorry they said. I am now looking at 10 day forecasts every hour like an insane person and as is typical, it changes every hour! I want to take a shower while we’re gone, I know my wife sure as heck doesn’t want to smell me after 4 days of poor man showers! Somehow she can skip a shower and she smells fine, that must be a girl thing… Girl  But me, after cleaning the rig and if possibly waxing it, not going to be pleasant no way no how.


Right now it looks like from the 30th on, each night for our trip will be in the 30’s which is fantastic. Solves that problem if it continues to say that, however, I have to watch for several weeks after because if I do de-winterize any night that dips into the 20’s is a threat to the pipes in the rig, even if I drain everything. Winterizing after this trip is possible but would be a big pain in the butt so what to do? I am not putting the trip off, nope, not gonna do it…                         Guess I’ll re-winterize after the trip, there… now that was easy… Confused smile


Ronda said...

Husband, you are a fruitcake.

Wife ;-)

Erik's RV Blog said...

I'm going to wake up that polar bear so she eats the penguin... :)~

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

We are a couple hundred miles south of you and I never dewinterize until about April 1st. to many if's, it was in the 30's last night and we got a couple inches of snow, winter hangs on until after April 1st in MO. and your farther north. Use the showers at the campground you are going to or GI shower out of a bucket of hot water. Boy the young guys today wouldn't know about a field shower. what ever you do don't take the antifreeze out until about the 15th of April up where you are.Above all enjoy your trip, won't have any trouble keeping the beer cold. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Sam & Donna,

The CG won't have their showers up until the 2nd. I really planned this one too early! I don't mind field showers and have taken plenty while camping before. Looks like I may be doing it again!

DeanO said...

Just take the trip. Fritcake and a Polar Bear for company? My money is on the Polar Bear. Sorry!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Erik, We bought our MH in Dec '08 and drove it from TN to NC for Christmas with our kids. It was winterized. The dealership gave us a gal jug of windshield wash & I think we bought a couple more to use in our toilet so we could use it & keep it from freezing and we used bottled water for drinking, coffee, etc. You can take showers at a truck stop if need be 'til the CG's bath facilities open up -- just a suggestion:)

Merikay said...

I'm learning from this. I think we will stay in the South in winter.

Erik's RV Blog said...

DeanO - The Polar Bear always wins, I would vote the same way!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan - The CG will have water available. I may use the windshield washer fluid trick so we can at least use the head, thanks for the tip!

Merikay - Stay South! At least until May! :)~

Big Matt said...

Shame the RV lot you store at doesn't have spots with electrical service, then you could de-winterize and simply heat the unit until it was time to go.

Could always get your air compressor out and simply blow the the lines dry and keep the water heater bypass on till its time to go camping.

The only thing I ever considered needing the pink stuff was the pump itself, and then just enough to do the dump and the drain traps, the rest of the pipes are kept empty through the use of pressurized air.

A little water here and there in the lines won't hurt anything if it freezes, so long as there's some place for it to expand, its only when the lines are completely full that bursting happens.