Tuesday, March 1, 2011

RV Costs Up To Date – Breakdown

We bought the RV, well, signed for it on 6/29/10 and bought it for $6,000.00+ under NADA and what other dealers were asking for theirs. I haven’t kept good records of gas usage for 2010 but this year I am going to log everything. Total in repair and maintenance for 2010 was $3048.36, we also bought an ACME Tow Dolly for $1,399.00.

Considering I had to pay to re-paint the passenger fender because our dealer screwed up, I had the driver and passenger exterior mirrors and entrance door handle and surround painted. Our total cash put out for the RV last year not including purchase price and down payment was $4447.36 so we’re still under the NADA value and what we have seen this model go for at other dealers and on eBay. There is two on eBay right now going for 40k with more miles and I can almost guarantee they leak somewhere!

Total cash out the door for 2011 is just between gas and storage at $180.49 so a decent start. I need to get the engine and genny fluids changed and the rig de-winterized and washed and waxed so there will be some more costs and I’m hoping the batteries hold up for the first few trips, they have held up so far this winter so I’m crossing my fingers. I’m reading through the user manual to try and tackle a few of the items myself, problem there is TIME, oh yeah, have to get the smog test done so we can renew our plates. Most test centers are CLOSED and the ones that can handle 36ft RV’s are spread out but I did find one! Hopefully they will be around when I get there!

Somehow South Elgin, IL is more worried about smog than other areas because we still have to get our vehicles tested while most of the state does not. Makes no sense to me but hey, it’s Illinois. Disappointed smile

29 Days, 4 hours, 14 minutes!


Rae said...

It can become a pretty expensive lifestyle. It helps when you are able to do some of the maintenance yourself. I remember well all the work we used to put into it when we were actively on the road and camping. Thankfully we didn't have these awful gas prices to deal with. I am getting the itch to get out there again after reading your posts.

Diana said...

Wow Erik, I had no idea how much was involved with upkeep and other expenses. But when you love something so much I guess it's worth it all!
Love Di ♥

Cyndi said...

You got your Class A for the $6000and or th $10,000 price after the update/repairs........what dealer did you deal with, we might just have to watch that......we are watching Class A's for no more than $40000, and to be honest that can't be done before the sale of the house.....

Erik's RV Blog said...

Rae, I wish I was RV'ing back when gas was $1.25!! :)~

Diana, The major portion of the issue was dealer related. They were supposed to fix some of the things I paid for but they turned out to either not care or incapable of doing them correctly. My sanity dictated I just take care of it or suffer a brain explosion.

Cyndi, we bought the RV for $34,000 which was $6,000 less than NADA value. So this is why I feel mostly ok with the purchase thus far. The fact it no longer leaks makes me feel good as well!

If you do start looking, INSIST they seal tech it for leaks and have a pro inspect it. No matter how much you look at it there will be things you'll miss.

Erik's RV Blog said...


I don't post the dealers name, trust me you wouldn't want to deal with them. If you end up looking anywhere near the Illinois - Iowa border stay out of Atkinson, IL. ;)

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Hi Erik! I'm following your wife's blog now, so in the name of keeping marital bliss in your house, I'm following yours too ;)

My hubbinator and I have been fulltiming almost a year. Based on all what I see when I peek in other people's RV windows, we get the most youthful award! Ha!

Erik's RV Blog said...

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR,

Thanks for stopping by and following both Ronda and I.

Hopefully we can get this ship under way soon so we can get that award as well! :)