Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LED LCD TV Install Ideas

Ok, had some more time to think about this. How about this, make a decorative cabinet out of the console opening and have a self on a slide mechanism that can come out from the bottom, pull the shelf out and simply put the TV on the shelf, below the shelf will be a Coax, HDMI and power receptacle. I need to check the car stereo and see if there is an aux in on the back on the unit, if there is then I can use the stereo for sound when we want it a little louder than the TV can provide. I have plans for the sound system some day, can’t afford to right now.

I picked up a new water filter and also a factory toggle switch so when I mount a big electric radiator fan this summer I can mount this switch in the one slot on the dash that is un-used right now and it will look factory when I’m done.

The police won’t let us keep the rig in the street, even though we have no traffic in our half cul-de-sac they said they will write us a ticket. I gotta wonder who writes these laws. If the RV is more than 12 inches from our curb it will also get a ticket if they drive by and measure it, no matter how short of a time it’s there. Since the curb curves and the RV is 36ft long guess what, half the rig will be more than 12 inches away from the curb!!

This means, when they finally sell the house next door we will NEVER be allowed to have the RV at the house legally. Right now a neighbor is using the empty house driveway, how 3 people can have 6 cars is beyond me so I’m going to ask them to move part of their fleet to the left side so I can bring the rig home this weekend to work on it. We’ll see what happens.


Big Matt said...

The only major draw back would be having to move the TV constantly and finding a place to secure it while under way.

I know they make full-size flip down LCD sets that around the 19-20" range, that simply attach to the ceiling and fold down when you want to use them, and then fold up and lock into place when you're done, but I don't know what your final TV size plans are yet :).

Erik's RV Blog said...

I.M. Vayne, the TV will either be my 26 incher or an LED 22 incher which is much thinner. Either way I only need the shelf to come out 6 or 7".

It would have been so much better if Holiday Rambler installed this up top instead of in the dash, I hate that config.

Matt, my plan this whole time was going to be stowing the TV under the couch when not in use. As for the rest, keep in mind my budget is near zero. I know about all sorts of things out there to make this easy but none of them involve very little money.

My main budget right now is going to be to de-winterize, change the oil in the engine and genny and then detail the inside and outside.

I think I can afford to make a decent decorative plate and shelf that will hold up until a nicer set up can be put together.

Thanks guys!

Andy said...

Hey Erik,

Check this site out:


Even on a tight budget these mounts are pretty reasonable & may simplify it for you.


Erik's RV Blog said...

Andy, thanks for the link! Unfortunately they don't have the one in stock that allows for the VESA mount to stay on the TV while the wall mount stays on the wooden plate. I'm going to contact them and ask when they'll have it in stock again. They have all sorts of great stuff on that site, thanks again!