Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heavy Snow Proves Too Much

I went up to the rig today to remove the snow in front of it so I could drive it and check everything out. I took my car so no snow blower for me, I thought what the heck, just some snow in front of the rig I can handle it no problem! Disappointed smile Wrong!

I get up there and the winds have gone from 4mph when I left the house to 35mph+. The snow is so heavy from the 41f temps the best I could do was clear a path directly in front so I could open the hood and turn the batteries back on for the engine and house. My arms turned into Jelly so decided to just fire up the generator and test the systems out.

I even put out the slide and everything worked great. No mice were found so I let the genny run for about 30 minutes, I watched some TV and then shut everything down and buttoned her up. I contacted the body shop to try and schedule getting the passenger mirror repaired, it was real loose when I checked it out, much looser than when we put it in storage.

If all goes well the rig will be ready for the March 31st trip! If not, we’ll work it out!

49 Days, 5 Hours, 21 Minutes and 2 Seconds! Smile with tongue out


Judy and Emma said...

Great to sit inside and dream dreams of the future! :)

Merikay said...


Big Matt said...

I'll let you keep the snow for the moment, was out today pulling apart the old dually motorhome axle I'm readying to swap onto the pickup truck.

Pulled the axle shafts and pumpkin cover to inspect the gears, looks like other than the brakes needing an overhaul and some new seals, she should be good to go for camper hauling.

Sue and Doug said...

sounds a bit chilly in your neighbourhood..but there is nothing like sitting and dreaming of warmer parking places!!

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Won't it be nice when you will not have to dig your home out of the snow because you will be enjoying the warmth of sunshine whenever you choose?

JoJo said...

Yes sitting and dreaming is great. I spend the summers in the AZ. White Mountains now since Southern AZ is no fun in the summer but can't be beat in the winter.
Hope you get dug out soon for the big day ahead.