Saturday, February 12, 2011

Found An Example…

The new Coachman Encounter has one of the ugliest exteriors I have ever seen but has the best interior layout my wife and I have seen that conforms to our taste layout wise. This one has the desk but we like the other interior layout they have as well.

I mean no disrespect to anybody who has this model but that grill, not sure what they were thinking, VERY flimsy and ugly. If we were in the market I don’t think my wife could talk me into this no matter how much she liked the inside. Alien



See the desk? I have to work remotely when we are out and this would really fit the bill nicely! Maybe we could gut our rig and somehow fit it like this someday? Who knows but I like thinking about it.



Merikay said...

Oh I like this one! Is it new?

Erik's RV Blog said...

Yeah, it's the new 2011 Coachman Encounter. I love the floorplan! Our Endeavor cost $110,000.00 new in 1999 and this Coachman can be purchased for $93,000.00!

Either the Endeavor was WAAAAY overpriced back then or they have really found creative ways to save money on building them today.

Judging from the quality we saw inside it was very well built, it even has 22" aluminum wheels. They saved money on the driver and passenger seats, the front grill, the front and rear caps and other small things that may or may not hold up over time.

Donna aka Froggi said...

I like that floorplan, much better!!

Big Matt said...


First ya go Durr.... Then ya Hurr!

JoJo said...

Hi Erik, I was trying to change some things on my blog and notice I has some new followers. Thanks
I haven't been doing to much traveling this winter as I need total left knee replacement. That is finally going to happen this month.
I like your rig and will follow your travels.Have fun and be safe.

BTW you can never look enough at RVs :) said...

Just dropped by to catch up on your posts...I've been behind for a couple of weeks.
I've been looking at the photos of the interiors. They never fail to surprise me at how much space they ahev. They have all modern comforts and look nicer than my lounge.
By the way if you didn't look at RV's you might be tempted to look at something els ;) My husband keeps looking at Mercedes Benz sites and aeroplanes. (Yes, like that's going to happen!).
Smiling at you and sending you a special cyber Valentine's Day hug to share wiuth your wife.

Diana said...

Well I don't think the front end is THAT bad. I looked at it a few times, at first I could see where you were coming from but after a few more looks I sort of got used to it. The inside looks very nice. If it were me I would look this over a few times and see if the good makes up for the not so perfect as I would like!
Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...


Agreed! My wife thinks I'm going to want to try and trade in again but there's no way.

I'm happy with what we have. Happy Valentines Day to you and your husband!


Erik's RV Blog said...


I could get by the looks if the grill wasn't so flimsy. Every one of the ones I looked at that they had in stock and all of them had parts of the grill that were bent or tweaked a bit.

It doesn't matter now anyway with whats going on with me and the cat. I am amazed at how well the interior is configured for such an inexpensive RV.

I give Coachman kudo's for the effort.