Friday, February 18, 2011

Comments Response…

Thanks for the responses regarding my previous post “Hello, my name is Erik and I have a problem….” 

I started today with blood sugar at 130, it’s been so long since I was under 200 right after waking up I honestly can’t remember the last time!

Teri, I am now following your new blog, you have some great information there and I’m going to follow along every day. I like how you log your weight, good luck! As of 2/11/11 I was at 264lbs. I am going to start logging my exercise and our coat rack, the expensive treadmill is getting dusted off and put back into service.

Donna, I dropped cereal, most bread, milk and cheese a year and a half ago. Bread and cheese got snuck back in (fast food!) but the past week I have been avoiding them and will continue, I haven’t had a real soda in I’m guessing 8 years but I did drink diet soda which is just as bad for you but I’ve had maybe 10 diet sodas in a year. When we take the RV out, since I’m up first most mornings I’m going to put that to good use and go for walks, as long as my back is working that morning. My bike is going to be fully functional within the next two weeks, I know I’m going to have to order parts and I’ll know which ones by tomorrow.

Diana, yeah I am good at being aware, it’s the doing I pretty much stunk at. I agree with you’re point about hibernation, I definitely feel much more determined to get going now, perhaps the bad A1C result helped spur that on but I think the fact we hit 60f yesterday is helping as well!

Merikay, giving up the booze will have an immediate effect I’m sure, I agree, having one or two on Holidays is fine and I’m going to try hard to stick to that. I’ll keep posting with where I’m at, good or bad!

Rae, I was on Insulin and Byetta up until about a year and 4 months ago when I took myself off. While on them my A1C went UP to 14.9 and the Byetta made me feel way off, the fact there are law suits against Byetta scared me a bit as well but my A1C was the final reason, I could get a 14.9 simply by using no drugs what so ever and save a bundle!

I went to the doctor who sent me to an Endocrinologist who tried to put me on 6 to 8 different potent drugs and I called my doctor right after the appointment and told him there was no way in hell I was going to take that many drugs, no way. He put me back on Amaryl, Actos+Met and Lipitor and my A1C went down to an 8.4 but since it went back to 9.9 and you know the story from there. I am now on Onglyza, Actos+Met, Lipitor and a once a day injection of Victoza and my numbers are steadily coming back down. I’m on the Lipitor simply because I’m diabetic, Triglycerides in Diabetic’s typically go through the roof and in the past mine has but now it’s at 120 and looks good.

Thanks for the replies everybody, it really helps getting feedback like this. Smile


Teri said...

My original blog about traveling is therapy for me, so that is why I started the healthy eating blog. I think we can all help each other stay focused. My mom was diabetic and when I would take her to the kidney specialist he told her no more than 1 diet soda per day, and none was even better. I avoid all soda and maybe have a 6 pack per year. No alcohol ever for me. Both parents drank too much, my dad quit after a health scare 15 years ago, but my Mom drank until a few weeks before she died. I also think my husbands weekend drinking may have contributed to his health problems and early death.

Erik's RV Blog said...


I'm sorry to hear about your husband. I'm going to do my best to not make my wife an early widow. The odds aren't exactly with me but I'm going to try. :)

I hope you have a great weekend,


Teri said...

Hope I didn't say tooooo much, didn't mean to be negative, just venting, I guess.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Teri, Vent away no problem! :)