Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Of 2011

I remember the blizzard’s of 1967 and 1979, in 1967 my father set up a ramp off our roof so my brother and I could have some fun. In 1979 we had just come back from Norway and I had to clear about 65ft of driveway so the family could park the car and get into the house. We were able to sled off of the roof then too…

Fast forward to 2011 and now we have high speed internet and I can sit here listening to the blizzard and type a blog post with the power out and my wife sleeping soundly beside me. I have a huge snow blower waiting for tomorrow morning and even though it’s only 54f in here right now I’m comfortable. I think many people would be in a panic about now.

It’s amazing how quiet it is, I can hear my wife breathing next to me and the dog dreaming about something that makes her yelp and run in her sleep. My laptop has about 40% battery left so I’m going to sign off and wish everybody safe travels and a good nights sleep.

Wow the wind, thunder and lighting sounds cool… sleep well everybody.


Sue and Doug said...

sleep well..hope there is lots of snow tomorrow for your new 'man toy'!!

Diana said...

I remember those storms too Erik. I was still living in Chicago those years. In 67 we slid out our first floor window! My son was 9 months old in 79.
We got lucky here, just a bit of ice and a dusting of snow covering it. But very cold. I do hope your power gets restored quickly!
Love Di ♥

Anonymous said...

HEY bub. You weren't the only one shoveling during the blizzard of '79. And that was the year we jumped off the roof, not '67.

Slaps bruddah........

Erik's RV Blog said...

Not that the comments section is the place for this but there are pictures of our father sleding with us off the apartment roof in Chicago in 1967 and landing almost on the roof of a car.

You're getting old so it's understandable you don't remember things correctly, thank goodness for pictures. ;)

Slap returned, to both sides of your cheeks. :D