Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard Of 2011 – 02/01/11 to 02/02/11 Continued…

We lost power several times last night, I’m glad my UPS’s held up so I didn’t lose internet access until about 3:30 this morning but that quickly came back. I haven’t gone to sleep really, took a few naps but spent a good deal of time watching the storm. Our tree that got blown over right as winter kicked in is almost buried under snow and it was not a small tree! Here are some pictures to get some perspective. When I go outside to start clearing out I’ll take some more pictures.

                                       9:15pm - 2/1/11




                                             8:50am – 2/2/11


That’s a 6 FOOT DRIFT covering my neighbors driveway and sidewalk!!


          We have over 3ft on our sidewalk and front porch entrance


                           My neighbor behind my house


1 comment:

Diana said...

Well you just be careful clearing that snow away!
Sorry, it's the mom in me, I can't help it!
Did your power ever come back on? I hope you and the misses are staying warm. Love Di ♥