Monday, January 17, 2011

RV Update, We Can’t Wait For April 1st!

I received a call from Collier this afternoon, they found that when they removed the passenger window there was some rotted wood. They replaced it and sealed the wall and re-installed the windows. They also fixed the many other leaks they found.

I am waiting for a final price but it has to be near $2,000.00 including filling up the LP. The good news is they claim the RV is 100% not leaking anywhere now. I pray they are right, my brain hurts contemplating other issues that may come up this camping season.

I’ll be picking the rig up this Saturday so we’ll see, I am going to ask for more than 90 days warranty. I just made reservations for April 1st at Geneseo campground. Sugar Shores doesn’t open until May 1st so we’ll take Geneseo for now, it’s an awesome location .


Sue and Doug said...

finally some good news for you,Erik!!..yippee!!!..we are so happy that maybe these leaky troubles will be behind you now!!!

Diana said...

Sounds exciting Erik. I hope the leaks are all over with for good and you can enjoy your trip come April. It will be nice to see photos!
Love Di ♥