Friday, January 14, 2011

Good News – Bad News

Good news is, the leaks look to be fixed, bad news is, they found some rotted wood that they are investigating to see how bad it is. I’ll know more on Monday. This just looks like it’s never going to end.

As for the warranty, no update there, the dealer hasn’t responded yet but Collier has been very responsive and helpful. But if the original dealer doesn’t respond we have to play the waiting game and see what card he plays.

We thought about trading it in on something else but really, who’s to say that one won’t be perfectly sealed but mechanically has issues? We’ll see what happens this coming week, I’m trying to think positive and hopefully something positive will happen.


Sue and Doug said...

think positive!..things are bound to get better!!!

Erik's RV Blog said...

Maybe when they park the rig in the parking lot, it will be by itself and catch fire? :)

Just kidding, we are thinking positive or trying to. It will work out, Monday will be the day that they figure out how bad it is.

Diana said...

Wow I take a few days away and all this stuff happens! Glad the leaks fixed. Maybe the rotted wood won't be very bad! Love Di ♥

meowmomma said...

Thanks for signing on to follow my blog! Hopefully I can keep you entertained... Sounds like you are having some issues of your own with your rig. Best wishes for getting things worked out soon! Our adjustor is coming Tuesday to see where we go next on the storage bay door.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Thanks everybody! I am keeping a positive attitude and hoping that Monday brings good news.

I don't want to spend $1,600.00 and find out that we just tossed the money away.

We'll find out sometime Monday...