Sunday, December 26, 2010

This & That – Sunday 12/26/10

Yesterday the wife and I met up with her parents and sister at a place called the “Hoffman House” in Rockford, IL. They were having a Christmas buffet and I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what to expect. I should have brought my camera, it was fantastic!!

The list of foods was enormous, there was no way you could sample everything so I didn’t even try. We had a great time, good conversation and all of us pretty much needed to be wheeled to the cars afterwords.

We decided to check in on the rig on the way home since it’s stored in the area and when we got to the lot my wife says “you have the keys right?” Disappointed smile  Ummmmmm nope…. so I’m heading out there as planned if I can ever get ahold of my brother today. I expect mouse body carnage!!!!

When we got home we warmed up the Norwegian Glogg my wife made which will instantly de-thaw anything frozen, heck you could walk the frozen tundra naked after a few mugs of this stuff, it’s awesome! We spent the night watching “Nothing But Trouble”, my wife still thinks it’s a bad movie but I still liked it. Nerd smile

My brother gave me a geek toy for my computers called a video “TruLink” that effectively turns any VGA capable TV into an extended display for your computer. Only problem, it only works with XP and Vista!! Their Windows 7 solution is only good for causing BSOD’s (Blue Screen Of Death) which renders it useless to me until they get the software sorted out. I do have one Vista machine I built years ago and it’s so stable I have had no need to upgrade it, so this product works perfectly on it of course, but its in the basement so again, does me no good.

If they can sort out their Windows 7 issue (not Microsoft’s problem) then I can use this on the RV to watch video from my computer so I’m crossing my fingers!

The Bears are getting ready to play so off I go! I’ll end up listening to most of it on the radio until I get to the RV, maybe they’ll be broadcasting it so I can watch it as I clean up mouse bodies. I won’t take pictures of them, just seems wrong to do so. Anyway, have a great day everybody!

EDIT: Caught one lousy mouse, they cleaned off almost all of the traps clean without getting caught. The one I caught was in one of the enclosed traps, just wow, what a bummer


Big Matt said...

Have you tried going into the program properties on the executable for the utility and going to the compatibility tab and setting its compatibility mode to an older OS?

Diana said...

So glad that you had a delicious buffet to enjoy Erik!
And I agree with Matt, however I have no idea what he's talking about, it's sounds good!!
Sounds like you need to bring out some bigger guns for those mice?! Good Luck!!! Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...


Unfortunately it's during the installation process where you're supposed to plug in the device. I have tried rebooting and ignoring their instructions but the second the device is plugged in KABOOM BSOD time. This is a resource conflict, if I could get the device to at least be plugged in I could change how it allocates its resources.

Good idea though, but unfortunately won't help here. Cables To Go needs to get their software fixed, if they care, which it seems they problably don't considering how much time has gone by since people first started complaining about the issue.


Erik's RV Blog said...


I used to live off of the Fox River and every winter we would get mice. Old fashioned mouse traps and peanut butter worked every time. But of course it was a house so it was nice and warm.

I have to wonder if the cold affects the traps so they don't spring as easily. I didn't bring fresh peanut butter with me this time so I need to go back this week and add more.

So strange they could lick them clean and not get caught!