Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sugar Shores in Durand, IL – 8/28/10

I’m going to post these pictures using the standard template from Live Writer so everybody can see them. If you leave a comment let me know if you like this format better. I’ll be posting more 2010 locations as well.

We have come to love going to Sugar Shores RV Resort, while they do have lots for sale everything is well taken care of and people who buy here care about their lots. The people here are friendly, the workers are friendly and the only thing bad I can say is it’s closed after October 15th, understandably so, but selfishly we wish it was open longer.

                  The main entrance                           Outdoor theater, we watched Da Bears!

  SAM_0744 SAM_0727

          Our site number 1, next to tool shed        Loki did this for 10 minutes!?!? Funny dog

  SAM_0711  SAM_0716

                     The pool area, very clean                        The main building and store

  SAM_0722 SAM_0726

              Own me, lot 6 Phase II, I wish!!                               Well cared for lots

  SAM_0772 SAM_0776

       Next time I bring the fishing pole!     

  SAM_0794 SAM_0795

              That’s right, Da Bears!!!                           Ya all come back now, ya hear?

  SAM_0798 SAM_0758

Stay tuned for more from our first year camping in a Class A RV. Laughing out loud


Margie and Roger said...

Photos look good - I really like the looks of Sugar Shores. Seems like a great place to buy a deeded lot - if it's a location you would return to frequently.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Agreed, for the owners they have access year round but I believe water and sewer aren't available.

If we ever get serious about owning a lot we will do a lot of research first. The prices are right at $14,900 so this will be the first place we seriously check into. said...

I stumbled on your blog via 'Old Geezer' Ron's blog. I love the idea of blogging your journey. Hubby and I are thinking of getting a van and travelling Europe now our son has left home. I adore Loki what a gorgeous dog. Look forward to reading more. Happy travelling. I am now your latest follower.
Carol from

Erik's RV Blog said...


I am also your latest follower. :) I'm reading your latest post right now, I agree with your husband and finally this year it seems as if family is on board to treat this like Christmas and not a gift party.

Merry Christmas Carol,



sugar shores looks very nice!!!..a great place to park for a bit!!

Erik's RV Blog said...


Yeah, we like it there very much. I'm going to blog about Geneseo, IL as well after I figure out why blogger keeps breaking my pictures.

David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

Hey, we recognize this place! Sheila and I Workamped there the summer of 2009! We used to live 17 miles south in Winnebago so it was almost like coming back home to work there. It was a fun summer!

Dave, Sheila, & Stella
Workamping in the FL Keys