Friday, December 3, 2010

Sad Day Today – Ron Santo Dies At Age 70

I’m not a huge baseball fan but count me in as one patiently waiting for the Cubs to finally go all the way. Ron Santo was somebody who fought diabetes and it took him piece by piece but he kept going. His son wrote a documentary titled “This Old Cub” that I highly recommend.

He should have been inducted into the Hall Of Fame but for some unknown reason they never did. His number was retired in 2003 which was enough for Mr. Santo. I know this has nothing to do with RV’ing but I have diabetes too and seeing what it did to such a good man who fought it hard kind of scares me. He will be missed.

My A1C early last year was at a 13.9, this was while on insulin and 4 other drugs. The endocrinologist wanted to add MORE drugs, I thought he was insane and told my doctor this. I was also on pain medication for my back and knees I ended up going to a place my wife recommended but because they are Chiropractors as well I didn’t go, I had a very bad experience with one 23 years ago and had no wish to ever go to one again. I finally decided to go with the caveat if they tried to push the Chiropractic crap I would walk.

They didn’t push anything on me, they listened (more than I can say for my doctor) and they ran a food panel to check for allergies to food. My doctor did X-Rays, MRI’s, all of the typical stuff and never found anything more than “inflammation”. Anyway it turns out I am allergic to dairy, wheat and a host of other foods. 3 months with them, taking myself off of insulin (my idea) and my A1C got down to 8.1 and my pain has been reduced.

Anyway, I admired Ron Santo, he was the closest thing to a hero for me. Not because he played baseball and was one of the best 3rd basement ever, but because of how he lived off the field.

Rest In Peace Ron.


Margie and Roger said...

I just remembered that you had asked me previously how my husband kept his AIC under control. He takes two Metforin every day. Personally, it seems to me that he doesn't eat right etc. but his A1C is always below 6.9. His doctor would like it to be closer to 6.0 but I doubt that is going to happen. Sounds like you have done very well in getting your A1C down quite a bit - hope you can get it down even further. Be sure to let us know on your blog how you are doing with that. It's a bad disease and I know you want to be around in the future for your full-time adventures so hopefully that will be motivation to you to staying healthy.

Erik's RV Blog said...

If he is able to eat what I have read on your blog he is getting away with a lot. :) My doc wants me at an A1C of 5.5, which I think is unatainable.

My personal goal is 6.0, if I can get to where Roger is that would make my year as well!

I'll post the results next month when I go for my next test.