Friday, December 17, 2010

The RV Is Ready!!

I received notice that the RV is done. It’s been in the shop since September, man this has gone by so fast. I’ll try and give a quick breakdown of what has transpired.

In August we discovered that our RV was damaged while in storage. Somebody sprayed the front end with rocks while gunning the throttle trying to get up the incline in front of our RV. Barrington RV denied it was even possible for this damage to occur in his lot but I had taken pictures the very day we dropped it off so I had before and after pictures, which didn’t matter to them. We filed a claim with our insurance and we had our dealer do the repairs and they did a poor job.

So, State Farm allowed me to find another body shop to get the work done a second time, which means that State Farm was going to go after the dealership (subrogation)  for the second attempt at getting the job done correctly. The second body shop has completed the original repairs and also has completed the repairs I am paying for.

So, the original work was to refinish the front end to repair the rock chip damage, re-install the windshields as they were leaking after the dealership installed new ones and to also refinish the drivers and passenger side fenders. Since State Farm was paying for the drivers side fender and the dealership refinished the passenger side (had they done it correctly, great!) I had to pay to refinish the passenger fender since they didn’t do it right, there was nothing wrong with this fender, but the dealer refinished it anyway.

I had the new body shop refinish the fender, repaint the mirrors, and repaint the entrance door handle. So it should really look nice when we pick it up tomorrow morning. Sorry if this sounds confusing, if anybody has questions let me know and I’ll try and make sense of it all. This time, I will take pictures and post them when I get home.

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