Thursday, December 16, 2010

RV Floor Plan

I thought I'd post the rigs floor plan, it’s pretty typical I think but we like it.

Ours is the dinette with no booth, so we can lay the table flat and that whole area is open to us. We are contemplating changing out the chairs and couch at some point. The kitchen is now wood floor while the bathroom and private toilet room are ceramic. We can’t wait to change that to wood flooring as well.

99 Endeavor Floor Plan


DeanO said...

Nice layout; does the drivers seat spin around into a living room Captains seat?

Erik's RV Blog said...

Both the driver and passenger seats can be spun around to point straight back looking into the main cabin. They can both fully recline as well.

DeanO said...

That's great..I asked that because a few years back we rented a rig like you's and being RV kids we had a ball lounging and chatting with friends from the big kid seats; as we called them

Erik's RV Blog said...

It sure helps expand the seating in the main living area thats for sure!

Big Matt said...

I'd be a little leery of converting the bathroom floor to wood, especially around a shower/toilet where water can be an issue. Vinyl/Ceramic tile are traditionally the best options for these higher moisture areas, but consequentially also tend to be really cold in the winter.

Now, if you were going to use teak or bamboo or one of the other extremely expensive hardwoods used in marine applications, then it'd be less so of a worry on my part, but I doubt you're going to be budgeting that many thousands of dollars for a bathroom floor remodel. ;)

Margie and Roger said...

Maybe Big Matt makes a good comment. We have a tile floor - and it sure does get cold, but that's just a good excuse to wear my slippers or flip flops.

Nice floorplan. We have the table/chairs instead of a booth. The table is mainly used for my "desk". Sometimes I think we should just remove the table and chairs and convert it to a true desk set-up.

Erik's RV Blog said...

If we did the toilet and bathroom it would be with something that can handle getting wet. They make a wood substitute that can match up well with what we do to the main living space.

Our main concern is water, the tile in the toilet room looks fine, however it's got several tiles that are just laying there, where the grout hits the tile is cracked so right now if it gets wet it can still get under the tiles.

Thankfully that hasn't happened yet so the wife and I have to make a decision on either fixing the tile, which is pretty dated or replace it. We have a few months to mull it over so we'll see what happens.

Erik's RV Blog said...


We also have the dinette instead of a booth, in fact we wouldn't have bought it if it had the booth. What I find funny is the booth is standard and the dinette is optional, strange 'eh?

We are thinking about what to do in this area as well, they couldn't have possibly chosen more uncomfortable chairs if they tried.

Same with the couch, looks nice, but was not designed for comfort. This was Holiday Ramblers top gas model back in 1999 but sitting on the couch and dinette chairs, you wouldn't believe that.

I have seen some very nice after market couch and dinette chairs that look very nice and comfortable, so another thing we are thinking over during the off season.

Thanks for the comments folks, they definately help!


Rick and Paulette said...

Nice floor plan - lots of room and a really nice layout. The trouble I have with ceramic is that it's so cold on the feet and it never seems to warm up either. A wood floor, taken care of, will last for quite a few years even if it gets wet on occasion.

Erik's RV Blog said...


Yeah it sure does get cold! We're looking forward to checking out our options. I just hope I'm good enough at doing the work, what ever we plan.

Andy said...

Check out the Allure product from Home Depot. I see a lot of RV'ers replacing flooring with it. The look of wood in a vinyl floating floor.

Erik's RV Blog said...


You DA MAN! I couldn't remember the name of the stuff but you nailed it, thanks and thanks for the link!

Have a Merry Christmas!


Big Matt said...

I've used the allure product myself, the fake tile looking one when remodeling the bathroom of my inlaws.

Its very nice, but a royal pain in the butt sometimes to cut, scoring it with a traditional utility knife is not an option with that stuff.

Also, it floats, unless you tack it down through the glue strip that joins one piece to another, the entire floor is floating.

To do a large area, you'll need a fair number of boxes of it, I think we used roughly five boxes of it to do a very small bathroom.

Big Matt said...

Oh yes, on the subject of the existing tile, I don't know how RV's install it due to the natural flexing that occurs, but in a traditional home installation, tile is usually installed in a bed of thickset mortar over a concrete base.

I know when we tiled the counters, it added an inch and a half in height from the original counter tops.

Erik's RV Blog said...


Thanks, we're going to check the Allure product out tomorrow and we'll see how it is to work with.

As for how the ceramic tile is installed, it's very similar to how it's put down in a sticks and bricks home. So if we do switch we'll have to account for the difference.

I'm re-doing a bathroom right now and dealing with the thickness change from vinyl flooring to nice ceramic tiles. Been a blast so far.... not!

Merry Christmas!


Erik's RV Blog said...

Oh hey Matt,


Erik said...

I was going to ask the same question as DeanO. I love those seats but they do make me want to shout out 'There are Klingons, on the Starboard Bow, Captain!' Yeah childish I know. :)
Seriously though, the layout looks great. I'm trying to get Hubby to invest in a RV- it would be great fro travelling.
Kindest wishes

Erik's RV Blog said...

Next time we go camping I'm going to shout out, fire all phasers!! :)

Erik's RV Blog said...

Carol, I forgot to mention, once you go RV'ing you'll be hooked. The people are always friendly and it brings family closer together.

If we can get out every weekend this coming year, we're going to do it.

Have a great weekend!


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