Monday, December 27, 2010

Props To……………. Ford..

I converted this blog from general topics about HAM Radio, Politics and other topics easy to rant about on 11/9/10. Doing so has reduced my stress believe it or not so I’m going to continue to keep it as much about RV’ing and our journey/path to full timing as I can.

However every once in awhile you need to just say something because you may suddenly realize how something might have affected you over time and you didn’t even know it. In this case I’m talking about the new 2010 Ford Taurus and Ford in general.

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I’ve been buying Ford’s almost exclusively since 1985 much to the angst of people I know who hold their nose up when I mention Ford. In January 2004 I traded in my then 2002 Ford Taurus SEL in on a fancy expensive newly designed Acura TL.


I didn’t even test drive the car I actually bought, something I never ever do but I was smitten and signed the dotted line (lesson learned!!). Since we were buying my wife an Acura RSX at the time we waited for both cars to get detailed and because the dealer mistakenly prepped the wrong car we didn’t get our cars until after closing time. I’ll keep this part short, both cars were horrible, her RSX had to be flat towed into the dealership 4 times and my car spent a good deal of time in the shop for repairs. Using Velcro to hold up the headliner is inexcusable, yep you read that right, Velcro!! I had to drive to the dealer with my right hand holding up the headliner, their fix, install two more Velcro strips, which fell down on the way home, ugh. The other issues were too numerous to list here.

In November of 2005 after almost 2 years of not liking either car very much we traded them in on the new Mustang, I bought the new GT (I raced mine, best ET 12.20@115) and the wife got the new Pony V6. We SHOULD have looked at RV’s but this thought never entered our minds until this year, I digress in January of this year I bought the newly designed 2010 Taurus SEL loaded with everything but NAV, Ford’s new flagship model that I thought Ford was stupid for using the Taurus name for, still do really but my first test drive sold me on the car itself. It’s dead quiet and unlike my Acura has not seen the dealership except for an oil change. I also realized in the past 25 years of buying Ford’s that’s how it has been with every single one of them. If I do the math properly this equals to about 15 of them, not too shabby me thinks. Three of them were brand new Mustang’s that I raced the heck out of at the drag strip and they took everything I dished out! 

So, thank you Ford for putting out this new Taurus even if I hate the name, it’s roomy, almost too quiet, rides smooth as glass, has more than adequate power for a daily driver and it gets good mileage to boot. This one is a long term keeper and if you’re in the market for a new car and for buying from a company that didn’t accept Government bailout money, then check out Ford. I also have to say, had my RV had a Chevy drivetrain we probably wouldn’t have bought it. We would have preferred diesel but that will be the next rig, for now powered by V10 Ford is fine by me!



we were a ford family too!!..but now we have a jeep..but our daughter has a ford focus..and Doug's brother has a ford dually!!.and as for your blog? can do with it what you is all about the journey to fulltiming..and most of the time that involves other topics!..have a great day!

Erik's RV Blog said...

You know what Ford stands for right?

First On Race Day!!



Big Matt said...

Mega Dittos on Ford, my little commuter is a 97' Ford Taurus GL (Standard V6 Vulcan).

Good little car :).

Erik's RV Blog said...

That little Vulcan is a good engine and for its time pretty peppy as well. Not so much in my Ford Five Hundred but in the lighter Taurus it was.

I personally wish they kept the Five Hundred name for this new Taurus, it fits better.


Diana said...

You don't have to sell me, I drive a Focus Wagon which I absolutely love!!! It's my baby! Before that we had an F-150. But since the hubby is gone most of the time, I traded it for the Focus wagon!!! HEHeHe!!!!!
My Focus handles like a dream and is amazing on gas even though she is 5 years old now! I still love her as much as the first day I drove her home new!! Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...


Glad I'm not alone! Even my best friend who is a Chevy freak almost bought a Ford. I'll get him there sooner or later!