Saturday, December 18, 2010

Picked Up The RV – Thank You Marengo Auto Body

The wife and I picked up the RV and our initial impression of the job they did was awesome. It’s kind of hard to really go over it like we would want to since it was something like 8f and we couldn’t wash the rig.  As you can tell by the picture the rig is dirty but the front looks nice! When I went to start the rig, it had been sitting out for only 3 days and the battery seemed a bit weak. I’m guessing the body shop guys going into and out of the rig for 2 months and it not being started that much weakened the new main battery.

The engine did start so I let it warm up. I primed the generator and tried to start it but it was no joy, the house batteries were simply too weak. So I took it to a gas station to fill up the tank which was about 10 miles away and while gassing up tried it again, it took a few attempts but I finally got her going. I turned on the furnace and it started warming up inside which was nice. When I went outside to check the pump I found it refused to allow anymore gas in, the gauge only showed 3/4 of a tank so I’m going to have to have that checked out.

The rig is now back in storage so I’m going to have to visit it every week to insure everything keeps functioning. The system has these two rather large battery disconnects for the engine and house systems so I turned them both to the off position. Oh last thing to note, we have MICE!! Tomorrow I'm going to bring traps up to get rid of the little buggers, any recommendations as to which kind to get?

  New windshields, freshly pained front end                         Drivers side angle

SAM_1706  SAM_1707

                     Passenger side angle                                          Driver side fender

SAM_1711  SAM_1708 

                  Passenger side fender                                     Entrance handle repainted

SAM_1712  SAM_1714

                 Passenger side mirror                                            Drivers side mirror

SAM_1713  SAM_1709


Margie and Roger said...

I was so glad to read that you are happy with the work done by the body shop. You just never know how things like that are going to turn out. From the photos it looks great.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Thanks Margie,

I was afraid of being dissapointed again. It just seems that so many companies don't care about service anymore. Marengo Auto Body took their time and I'll be bringing the rig back to them in the spring to get some other work done.

Now I have to get rid of those pesky mice! Poop everywhere!


nice work..too bad they took so long..but at least you have it back now!!

Andy said...

You might want poison for the rodents. A trap only gets one & has to be reset. The poison takes them out in herds.

You just have to do a thorough search for "bodies" when you do spring cleaning.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Great looking rig, Glad you are satisfied with the repair, keep a check for leaks until your sure it is fixed.Good luck with it in the future. be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Erik's RV Blog said...

Big dawg,

I like typing that name for some reason... where was I, oh yeah.. Much of the time was State Farm inspecting the previous body shops work and deciding what they were going to re-do because the last body shop did some work they weren't authorized to do, which State Farm would not pay for, understandably so.

It did take a long time but so far it looks like it was worth it!

Erik's RV Blog said...


I have a wife, bless her heart who when we find a spider in the house, it has to be escorted outside. I told her I was going to kill the little bastards and her response, they can't suffer....

She hates the spring loaded traps, I personally don't mind them, buy 20 of them, lace them with peanut butter, lay them around and they come to the trap and BAM!! Dead mouse, but she saw one time when one of these trapped mice didn't get killed right away, so it chewed it's own leg off.

I'm doing research on the best way to do this, I don't want to use poison because they could die in the walls and stink up the joint, granted by Spring time the odor would likely be gone and if dead mice bodies in the walls detered future mice from entering the rig, I'd give that some thought.

Then I have to figure out how the heck they got in.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Same & Amp & Donna, :)

Thanks! The next time we have a snow and a melt down I'm going to go over and check it out. The next rain I'm going to spend the night and check everything out, I need to drive it and see if water is coming through the dog house as well.