Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Brothers RV Made It Through This Weekends Storm, No Leaks!

Before putting his RV in storage I did some sealing work on his back window and on the back cap up near the top. When we drove up there yesterday it was raining pretty good and the work we did looks to be holding up. So overall a pretty good weekend RV wise, the weather has gone to hell in a hand basket so I’m glad mine is indoors nice and warm.

Considering myself pretty lucky right now, well, aside from the Bears getting their rear ends handed to them by New England I feel pretty lucky… Cutler is passing fantastic, he throws the ball, and New England catches it… UGH…. Disappointed smile


nwlambear said...

Hi from a fellow blogger and RVer. On your blog, how did you get the small line of pic...right under your main picture?

DeanO said...

Erick - glad the weather seal held strong....Chicago, much to cold but it's cold here in GA; perhaps just not as windy

Erik's RV Blog said...


I used one of the dashboard gadget add-ins to link to Flickr. Look at your dashboard, you'll find it in the designer.


Erik's RV Blog said...


It was -15 this morning with the wind and the wind is gusting to over 40mph. I walk a mile from the train station to work and let me tell you it was cold this morning even for me! It's 2 and a half hours later and my right hand is still cold.

Time to brew some tea!

Erik said...

Hello Erik! I just nipped over to say a huge thank you for your great comment you posted. Sounds like you're the only one with a wife who hogs the control! Mind you my mother used to tell my father everything about her day at work too...luckily he was quite deaf and just used to nod a lot.Thank you again. Sorry to hear it's so cold there at the moment. It's been thawing a little here but it's about to drop again. At least it's not too windy.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Oh I have messed with her though, changing what some buttons do so when she pushes them it changes to my channel.

Never mess with a tech guy, we know how to get back at you! She just gives me the "stare" and all buttons get fixed pretty quick... just isn't fair, I try and give her the "stare" and she just giggles and says ohhhh you scary man you!


YouKnowWho said...

I know something you don't know.