Saturday, December 4, 2010

Enter The Way Back Machine – June 29th, 2010

Forgive the length of this post but I wanted to show how we started. We bought our rig on June 29th 2010 (I have mistakenly stated July 1st in the past) and took it on our first trip from that day through Sunday July 4th. We had a very interesting time that weekend and even though there was issues, it was worth it! I was to learn how to fix an AC leak and deal with extreme black tank stench which broke us into RV ownership quickly. Disappointed smile 


This is just a snippet of our first trip, I figured out how to level the coach so water wouldn’t come in through the slide. I learned how to fix a leaking AC unit and I learned how to dump the tanks, back flush the black tank and program the thermostat. Oh yeah, Ronda set the pizza on fire so we had to air the coach out for that as well as for the black tank. We had to vacate the coach for a few hours both times!

We are looking forward to our first trip in 2011, I’m planning that one now. It will likely be at Sugar Shores or Geneseo in March if the weather permits.


Erik's RV Blog said...

I have reposted this blog post but I'm not sure how long it will last. Perhaps blogger doesn't like what I used for a plug-in, not sure. The pictures are back, for now.

Big Matt said...

Yeah, I can see it now, pictures are working.