Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RV Should Be Ready Tomorrow

Well, after more than 2 months of being in two different body shops we should be able to pick up the rig tomorrow night or Thursday night.

I’m hoping to hear form the body shop tonight or tomorrow morning. I’m not going to call him, I’m just going to wait and see how it goes. Praying it no longer leaks and looks good. Thumbs up

Crossing fingers…..  Fingers crossed

Here is a before picture for the rock chips that covered the entire front of the bumper. I’ll post the after, well, after I get it back. Nerd smile


Sue and Doug said...

just read your comment above..how nice that someone would feel compelled to post vulgar things..geez!!...didn't their mom every tell them..if you don't have anything nice to say keep your big 'trap' shut!
glad to hear you are getting your bus back home where it belongs!!..hope the repairs look good!!!

Erik's RV Blog said...

It goes back to when I first got into Ham Radio. There is a guy who is quite crazy that was broadcasting incredibly vulger things about the USA and how much he wanted us all to die.

I, being new to Ham radio had never heard anything like this before and when you get your license it's very easy to find out where somebody lives.

This person does a daily scan online for any mention of his name or call sign and if he finds anything he will go after that person like a pit bull.

So, I no longer mention his name or call sign. I hate to have to do it that way because I'd rather call him out for what he is but he has much more time to persue whomever he feels is a threat than I have to fend off his vulger attacks.

This seems to be working for now since I deleted any post I had that mentioned his call sign or name.

Tomorrow is hopefully the day we get her back. man I honestly can't wait, we have been waiting for so long for a simple job to be completed.

I'll post as soon as I have some information on it.


Big Matt said...

LOL, little turdburglar sounds like someone needs to set up a couple bots and send them off to post his info at random all over the net :p.