Saturday, November 13, 2010

New House Batteries – Optima Blue D31M

I had the RV serviced prior to dropping it off at the body shop and the shop said I needed new house batteries. I’ve had no issues with them this year, never showed low or anything but apparently they didn’t pass the load test. So, rather than worry about it each place we go I’m going to order new batteries in February. My research shows these Optima’s are excellent and my best friend uses the Optima Red for his 850hp race car and it has worked out well.

Every RV I have looked at has the old fashioned add water batteries, including my RV so I posted on RV.Net hoping to get some response there from people who have changed their batteries out. I know these are very expensive but the best usually is right?  Alien



Blars said...

Optima's take more space per amp-hour than other brands. (Some claim they are more durable.) I seriously considered another brand of AGM batteries before going with standard golf-cart ones for money reasons.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Yeah, these things cost a pretty penny plus I need to measure the battery compartment to see what will fit.

I need to get the RV back for that though. :(

Hopefully soon! I'll keep the golf cart batts in mind though.