Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cost To Fix What The Dealer Screwed Up – $836.00

State Farm paid the dealership we bought the RV from over $5,000 to repair the front end of the RV after it got sprayed with rocks while in storage. The dealership body shop did the work wrong, their windshield installer did their work wrong and the body shop also did work that State Farm didn’t approve, since they did this extra work wrong (they painted the passenger side fender and around the windshields) I have to pay out of my own pocket to get it fixed.

I suppose I could try and get the dealership to do it but if they couldn’t do it right the first time (they of course insist that they did, State Farm disagrees enough to fix it again and go after them for it) then how can I expect them to get it right the second, or third time? They now refuse to even work on the rig, the owner thinks it’s the customers responsibility since his shop made it look so “pretty”. I could write a 3 page post just about this dealership… Anyway, I digress…

The rig is also leaking when it rains now, from both the driver and passenger side so I told the body shop to find the leaks and that’s where my budget is going to go, if it’s not the windshields. If it turns out it is the windshields it will be covered under this claim and State Farm will fix it. If this happens I’ll go ahead and have them fix the fender and above the windshields so it all looks like its supposed to.

I posted a picture of how wet the carpet gets but here it is again so you can see how much water is getting into the cabin.

Passenger Side Leak

I am amazed at how much work it is to stay on top of this when all I should have to do is drop it off, get the work done and pick it up. This fiasco has been going on for months and we have only owned it since July 1st 2010! We lost out on over two months of camping because of this. Hopefully the new body shop gets everything resolved, does a good job and we can get on with putting it into storage soon.

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