Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Channon Christian and Chris Newsom Hate Crime

Channon Christian and Chris Newsom

Originally posted 05/17/07 on my web site. Haven't heard of this story, of course not, they aren't part of the agenda.

- How does the mainstream media not cover the Channon Christian and Chris Newsom hate crime? They were gang raped, sodomized, peed on, spit on,tortured, mutilated and then shot/murdered?!?!? How does a press vilify the Duke Lacrosse players for a rape they didn’t commit every week in the printed and viewable press all but ignore an obvious hate crime such as this???

It seems to me that the press will indulge themselves on rumors and even use blogs for actual news when it fits their agenda yet won't cover a story about two people who were the obvious victim of a hate crime. Anybody who knows me knows that I consider any form of physical violence a hate crime but these days we define and seperate everything and I guess these two were just not worthy of the American press.

For more details about this disgusting hate crime check out this link - Wikipedia Link
To quote Charlie Daniels "Is reporting the latest lewd episode of Paris Hilton's privileged life or playing Alex Baldwin¹s raging diatribe for the thousandth time really more important than letting the public know about a cruel and demented crime like this? Shame on the American media for letting such a violent crime as this slip through the cracks. I wonder what else they're not reporting." Well said Mr. Daniels, well said.

Unfortunately this tragedy seems to have brought out the worst in many people. Look at most blog sites that allow comments about this story and you'll see a mix of people actually proud of the crime, or threatening those that are making racist comments, generally because they’re simply to ignorant and stupid to know better. You'll see racists of different ethnic backgrounds (white is assumed of course) making the usual racist comments about the couple who were white and the 4 perpetrators who were black. None of whom seem to know they are as bad as the racists they are either cheering on or threatening, ironic isn't it. A racist is a racist, I don't care what color you are or how ok you think your reasons are or what was done to you, one bad apple does not a whole race make, don't understand this concept?

You need help then. I digress...

Had this been a crime against a black couple Jesse and Al would be screaming (imagine the energy they spent on Imus, this would be wildfire in the press by now) for all to hear but they were off someplace else not to be bothered with such things leaving one to believe it is about color, these two were simply not part of the "agenda". We as a people want everybody equal, we all want color to be neutral, maybe the status quo IS the agenda, how pathetic that would be if it were true, I must be wrong no? I don’t think so, I doubt either even know the names of these two victims. They were there for the alleged victim at Duke and no proof needed to be given, perhaps a word or two for these two, maybe, no?

Think about it and think about how it must have felt for him to watch his girlfriend, black or white get raped and urinated on, then think about how it must have been for her to watch her boyfriend get raped and his genitals sliced off and then think, should color matter when reporting this? No? Then why did it.

Yes, I'll be just as angry if this were a white on black crime, a white on Asian crime or a white on white crime, but that really isn’t the point.

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Erik's RV Blog said...

To this very day this is not being called a hate crime....

I hate to see what it takes for that classification. What was done to this couple was pure hate, for the law to feel otherwise shows how pathetic things have become.